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How to Hide a Unattractive Painting at the Altar

At the church we are getting married in, there is an old, outdated painting that is permanently installed at the altar behind where we will be standing to exchange vows. For our photos, we would really like to have a floral arrangement or other creative cover the the photo that will look great in our pictures. Don't get us wrong--we love Jesus, but would rather have a colorful or unique background. Any ideas of how to fill in this space?? Please help!

Re: How to Hide a Unattractive Painting at the Altar

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    I'm in the same boat! I haven't figured it out yet but my plan is to start contacting vendors that setup pipe and drape. 

    I like the way they did the draping in these photos I found:

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    Have you discussed this with the Church yet?  Are they ok with you covering up the picture of Jesus?  I can imagine there are many Churches who would absolutetly not allow that.
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    I wouldn't count on being allowed to do anything with it.
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    I personally think that trying to cover it will either, look terrible and out of place, like the draping example above, or will draw more attention to it than it will already get.  It really does suit the sanctuary which has lovely old details.  Don't fight it.
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    A good compromise, in case you aren't allowed to cover it, would be to discuss this with the photographer beforehand. Tell him/her what you'd like and there may be ways - either through lighting or where they situate the camera - to avoid having the image completely overwhelm everything. Another option would be to ask the church if you can put flowers near where you'll be saying your vows (like you mentioned). However, you don't have to specifically mention it is to cover up the painting. Perhaps the flower arrangment might just happen to be a big one ;-)
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    Yeah, I really don't think it's ugly.

    I mean, it's really subdued and not very noticeable.  I really think if you have some flowers around, no one's going to be looking very closely at the painting.  I wouldn't worry about it.

    It's a church, and I agree with PP that the draping thing doesn't look right at a church altar.  I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of covering up a church altar...

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    I'd feel really weird about covering up a painting of Jesus.  It's kind of hard to tell from your picture exactly what it looks like, but it doesn't look THAT bad to me.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: How to Hide a Unattractive Painting at the Altar</a>:
    [QUOTE]Have you discussed this with the Church yet?  Are they ok with you covering up the picture of Jesus?  I can imagine there are many Churches who would absolutetly not allow that.
    Posted by kmmssg[/QUOTE]

    <div>I was going to say the same thing, A sacred picture of jesus behind the alter is a staple in the church I doubt they will let you touch it. Most decorating is confined to the bottom or off the atler. </div>
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    I think that if you try to cover it up, you're going to just draw more attention to it. If you have a good photographer, they'll be able to angle shots so the painting isn't in the background, or sharpen the foreground so the background is out of focus and not noticable.

    I really don't think the painting is that bad or noticeable. Besides, you two will be the focus of the ceremony, not the painting.

    We're sort of faced with the same thing ... where we're getting married, just behind the archway we'll stand at, there's a gigantic statue of a Native American & an eagle ... not exactly our style. I at first wanted to bring in drapery to hide it. But my florist talked me out of it, saying it would just draw more attention to it. We'll be able to angle our seating so it's not prominent and our photographer knows to avoid it.
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    Rather then try and cover it is there a way you can offset where you are standing? In the church where I am getting married theres a cross, but not a nailed in podium, we are planning on putting a wedding arch behind where we are going to stand and have it not quite in the center, so while the picture is still there you might be able to angle it a little bit so that the arch is the background for most of your pictures rather then the painting? TBH I dont think it looks that bad though, and getting married in a church does tend to include religious elements, guests won't be turned off by it, so just warn your photographers ahead of time, and it will be fine!

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    Yeah I feel like this is kind of like when brides want to put bows on metal chairs. It just draws attention to it. Put lots of flowers around and no one will notice. 
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