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AW and PSA...Mostly AW: My New Meetup Group

Ah ha! My new Meetup group FINALLY launched 3 hours ago! Woohoo!

And it already has 34 members! Sweet!

So that was the AW part...Now here is the PSA part:

I know that we have mentioned before in passing. However- I just wanted to let you ladies know again what an awesome site it is. You can find groups for almost every interest!

I have posted lots of fun stuff for this group: a murder mystery dinner, a gumbo cookoff in Manitou Springs, Wine Tasting Dinners, Bowling, the Opening of the Hunger Games, Casual Coffees, Wings at a local pub, Happy Hour at PF Chang's... Fun stuff!!

Sometimes I forget how important having a local community is. Humans are meant to be social- and my life always feel more full and satisfied when I have awesome people in my life.

The other huge benefit of joining groups like this is for their networking opportunities- all of these people are linked to other people that might have a job for you someday. Networking is so crucial these days- and basically everytime you meet someone new it's a networking opportunity.

So that's all...just excited and eagerly encouraging you to check out, especially if you are wanting to expand your community.
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Re: AW and PSA...Mostly AW: My New Meetup Group

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