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Completely out of NOWHERE!

So I'm not sure if I've said this before, but my mom has always had qualms about how serious BF and I are since we're both still young (20 and 21 if you didn't know.) and has told me many times in the past that I should see more people, experience college single, etc. 

But this year on Christmas Eve my mom approached me about me getting engaged (which I told her it would still be a few years) and she asked me if I would want to use the diamonds in her engagment ring from my dad who passed away in 2005. I'm getting teary eyed at the thought! She even told me I "am the only person she would ever want to have the diamonds".

Like I said, I doubt I'll have a ring anytime before 2014, but I figured you ladies would be able to appreciate the gesture from my mom. I really wanted to share with someone and don't feel super comfortable with sharing these things with girls I know IRL. 

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    Thats so awesome. She is probably realizing that as you two are growing up you're getting to know each other more and knows that maybe you are meant to be!


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    [QUOTE]That's really sweet of her!  
    Posted by yaga13[/QUOTE]

    <div>I agree! :) </div>
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    Wow that is so sweet of her... she must appreciate the seriousness of your relationship more than she tells you. :)
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    Aww, how sweet! Maybe a little more acceptance will be headed your way soon. 
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    Thank you ladies :) 

    It was probably one of the best presents I got this holiday :)
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    That is a lovely gesture, and I am happy for you that your mom appears to be coming around to your relationship. 

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    That is so sweet! I agree with PP, your mom must be starting to see you guys in a new light. :)
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    That's great news! And a very sweet thing for your mom to say and be willing to do. :)
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    That is really sweet.  My mom has offered her ring as well, even though my dad is still alive and they are still married.  She doesn't wear it anymore and would rather see me wear it when she is alive than inherit it in her will.  

    I didn't share with anyone in IRL either about the ring.  


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    That is definitely very, very sweet. Out of curiosity, did you tell your boyfriend?

    It definitely seems like she's saying, wait, the girl is growing up!  But I think it's still a good idea to definitely take your time.
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    Thanks again ladies! 

    And becunning, I did talk to BF about it since we've discussed engagement/our plan for our future and he thinks it's a sweet idea as well. The conversation pretty much relayed the conversation we had and then explaining how instead of buying the ring setting and the diamond, now he has to only buy the setting and pay the jewler to do whatever it is that jewlers do. We haven't talked about it since and probably won't again. Me and him had the "big" conversation over the summer, I picked out what kind of ring I wanted (which was only a solitare) and then agreed to leave it all to him to take care of for whenever he is ready and I not be involved at all. :)

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    That's so sweet :)  
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    How sweet! :)
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