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programs re-wite AGAIN!

my nephews were going to be my ring barer, by the sound of it they are having a bit of stage fright. should i leave there names in the programs and hope they find the courage it takes to walk or should i possible ask someone else to do it?

Re: programs re-wite AGAIN!

  • Leave them in.  They might be hurt if you replace them.  The back up plan is the BM and MOH just take the rings to the alter for you and then you get the boys in the formal pics.
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    Most people don't have the ring bearers carry the real rings, anyway.  Either the MOH and BM can hold them, or you can do as we did:  Put them up front well before the ceremony, so no one has to carry them.  So if the kids can't handle being ring bearers, it's not like you need to find replacements.
  • Put his name in the program.  But please, call him your ring BEARER, not BARER, which sends up an entirely different image in my mind.  =)
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  • Lol to PP. I agree, leave him in and if he can't do it, then just have your moh have it with her
  • Thank you for your help ladies!!!
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