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In-law Wedding Wars...

Do any of you watch this show? I'm not sure if it's just Canadian or not. It's kinda interesting. It's all couples who are too busy to plan their weddings for whatever reason, a wedding planner comes in and tells the couple that they can have their wedding, but there's a catch: They have to allow either the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom to plan the ENTIRE thing. Even the dress. Usually the moms will be complete opposites. They each present their idea of what the wedding should be to the couple and the couple has to decide which mom will get to plan it, and the other mom has to be the assistant. It sounds like the show pays for the wedding. It's pretty funny sometimes!!!

My mom knows me enough that I think she would be able to plan a wedding I'd love. I'm not so sure my BF's mom would want to do that, but I don't really know her enough to know if she'd even be into that. I don't know if I'd necessarily want to be on the show though, since I love planning parties and events and what not. I'm kinda looking forward to planning a wedding once my BF proposes!

Would you give up control of your wedding to either your mother or FMIL?

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Re: In-law Wedding Wars...

  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
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    To a point.  I'm pretty excited to start planning next year, and mom is starting to get excited.  She's starting to understand my taste more, so I think she would do okay.  FMIL, however, NO.  Sorry, that woman, as much as I adore her, will not be planning any portion of my wedding.  Kthx.  She and I are total opposites, and she's never even really done her nails.  Also, FI's style is completely opposite hers as well.  It'd be a trainwreck in Nebraska instead of on the beach.  Oi vay.
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    No, I wouldn't want either party to plan it. My mom would probably be amazing at planning a wedding, as that is her job (event management), but I don't think she's particularly good at adhering to a budget, and I'm definitely very budget-conscious.

  • misikesmisikes member
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    My mom actually made mention earlier today that she was leaving the planning and budgeting up to me because I "knew more about it than her", lol. FI's mom, on the otherhand, would probably try to make it TOO girly, and I'm a bit more casual and laid back. I want to be comfortable on my wedding day, but look elegant at the same time. I don't want people feeling like they have to eat with 5 different forks, but I don't want people eating with their fingers, either, lol!
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  • jorja86jorja86 member
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    I'd totally trust my Mom to do it. She knows both of us well enough, knows where I've always wanted to get married (in her yard), and has amazing taste.
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    No way would I do this. I don't think you should leave something that important to you in someone else's hands. I'd let my mom help because she's more laid back and budget concious than I am. I've avtually never met BF's mom since she lives abroad so I don't think I'd let her pick anything, but I'd like to make her a part of it if the day comes.

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