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Hi all,

May 2010 bride here. My father was just in an accident, and we don't know if he'll be able to walk again. He was actually very lucky he wasn't paralyzed completely, so I'm taking the 85 % chance as a good thing! But I want to be prepared at my wedding in case he's in a wheelchair, or even needs to be in a wheelchair part of the time. 

I have NO experience with this, so I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. 

- Transportation, to and from the ceremony. I'm currently checking with the trolley people to see if it is accessible. 
- The ceremony. He REALLY wants to walk me down the aisle. We'll see about that, but, in the meantime I need to make sure the aisle is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. We'll be setting up the chairs, so that should be no problem. Do wheelchairs work on grass? We wanted to hold it outside, but if we need to, it can be inside. 
- The reception. This is in the same place as the ceremony, except inside. The building is accessible, by law. But I think I need to check on bathroom placement.
- The after party. We are having a daytime wedding, so the plan was to go out after the reception too (he's very,, very social). I'll need to scope out wheelchair-friendly places.  
- The hotel room, if he decides to stay the night, needs to be accessible.

Am I missing anything? Any tips, warnings, or suggestions? Thanks!  

Re: Wheelchairs/Accessibility

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    Sounds like you've got everything covered.  I would talk to his doctor or current caregiver to see if there's anything in addition that they recommend.  Hope he gets better soon.
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    My grandmother attended my wedding in a wheelchair. So it sounds like you have everything covered. Tho if your using an isle runner make sure its of good quality. We had trouble with it tearing in the back when g/m was coming down isle.  Also we took pics at the park and wheelchair had trouble on grass. Maybe you could have someone designated to help maneuver.
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