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Stuck home with nothing to do....

BF and I have school tomorrow and he has a test so he went back to his place to study. How did everybody's weekend go?
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Re: Stuck home with nothing to do....

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    polkadot111polkadot111 member
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    Hello! My weekend was chill. Last night I had a girls night with my roommates, which was a blast. We talked about girly things, played truth or dare, and never have I ever. Ya know, teen sleepover games. And had popcorn. It was wonderful. I also got to help at the horse ranch again this weekend which was great too. And today I went floating down a river on a tube which was great. Pretty much a chill, but wonderful weekend.
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    fridaysdancefridaysdance member
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    Sounds like a great weekend. My friends won't play never have I ever anymore and our last game of truth or dare ended up dressing our guy friend up in a flag core uniform. I miss those days. Oh well, I'm home with the suitemates tonight.
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    tafft1tafft1 member
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    Weekend went by too fast , lol.

    Saturday we ran errands the first half , had lunch at Wendys , and went to a showing of the new movie , "Contagion" - which was really good.
    At home we had a few drinks and watched "Silent Hill" on tv and ordered in pizza.

    Sunday I worked , it was a weird night and not because of the date..just felt like there was a full moon out or soemthing !
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    SwazzleSwazzle member
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    HI there!  My weekend was really good overall!  Friday, hung out at home with FI, drank some wine, went to bed pretty early.  Saturday was our first day of looking at venues.  It was fun!  Yesterday we headed out to watch football around noon.  My Eagles won! The Giants lost! The Cowgirls lost!  It was great!  I had a couple too many beers & was ready for bed though when we got home at like 6 hahaha

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    thejucheideathejucheidea member
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    It was pretty awesome. We left on Saturday morning to go down to Atlanta via Scottsboro, AL. In Scottsboro, we went to the Unclaimed Baggage store which Tyler and Zola loved. Tyler got an iPod Touch and I got a Nook; Zola found a couple of Ghanaian dresses. They had beautiful Ghanaian dresses but I already have four or five custom ones I had made when I was in Ghana, so I let her have the fun with the ones at the store :D.

    We stayed at a hotel in Braselton that had a hot tub (any time we road trip, a hot tub is the Most Important Thing) and the next morning we went down to Athens to visit one of my closest friends who unfortunately lives in Leeds, UK so I don't get to see him often (our last face-to-face encounter was six years ago). We had lunch with him and another friend then drove back to Nashville.

    We had Nerf battles in the car because we're safe like that and had such fun with the Nerf that we took advantage of the hour we got back from driving from Eastern to Central and went and bought another Nerf gun.

    I'm getting mad excited because it's a mere 26 days before Tyler and I go visit my bff in Seattle :D!!

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    lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    This weekend Andrew and I were all about the garden! I'm so excited!

    Yesterday we had a "date night" and went to a nursery, which really ended up being more like a junk yard...seriously..there were old ovens and washing machines everywhere.

    They we went to home depot and bought some more bulbs (ladies...I might have a gardening problem!).

    Then we walked through our neighborhood (almost a month to go!!)

    And we finished the night off at our favorite sushi place! FuN!
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