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That nagging feeling....

I have that intense nagging feeling that I am totally forgetting something.  This weekend I worked on our DIY signature board and picture frame card box.  I have purchased all the bridesmaids gifts and just need to wrap them.  My fiance got his groomsman gifts ordered. 

I feel like I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get done....but can't think of anything more I need to DIY.  Such a terrible feeling.
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Re: That nagging feeling....

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    TK ate your post. 
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    Oh yeah, I feel it. I swear I'm missing something. I had a massive list of tasks to complete this weekend. It wasn't really realistic, but I did do some. Thing is, as soon as I get one done, there are 10 more that pop up! Then I look at the checklist from TK and see even more things that I forgot about. 
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    I do not have a lot of my stuff done, but I still get the nagging feeling I am forgetting some serious. I have nightmares at night that I have forgotten to do something major and the whole wedding is called off because of it. (This may have something to do with the fact I have been forgetting everything lately and I am fearing that I will forget to have our marriage license or something like that)
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    ha, I have this feeling all the time.  I think I say it daily.  I know I'm on top of things, but it still won't stop!
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    I feel like this too!  I have my own list and the knot list and I feel like my mom still will text me asking my progress on something or if I had any ideas on something and I am like ahh I forgot all about that! I have nightmares all the time too that I forget something huge! I think I drive my fi a litle crazy going over my todo list all the time.  I will just be thrilled when everything is done!
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    Glad I am not the only one that feels this way! I keep worrying that I will overlook some important detail and not realize until the day of.
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    I agree.  I still have DIY things to do, but I think it is fine that there isn't much to do, but I have an awful feeling like there will be a huge item that I have forgotten. 
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