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Indoor wedding; Aisle runner needed?

I'm getting married indoors, and have already purchased silk rose petals to scatter on the aisle before hand (no flower girl).  The ceremony and reception are in the same location.  We're having people move out for the receiving line and drinks while the tables are being set up for the reception.  I'm torn about whether or not to have an aisle runner.  I've hear of people tripping on them, and the confusion of when to roll them out.  I'd like to have it all set up before the guests arrive, so I guess the guests would have to be seated from the outside of the aisles?  But I'm concerned if I don't have an aisle runner, it would be difficult to clean up the rose petals between the ceremony and reception.  Your thoughts or suggestions? 
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Re: Indoor wedding; Aisle runner needed?

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    Personally, I think aisle runners are nice but unneccessary.  KNowing me I would either slip or trip on it...or one of my bridesmaids would.  Basically if you aren't in love with the idea, I'd say skip it.
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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    I'm not a fan of aisle runners due to the issues you mentioned - tripping, wrinkling, rolling out/setup confusion...

    If you're worried about the rose petals, maybe throw fewer petals or skip them all together?
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    I loved my aisle runner! I say it's necessary. Made the aisle look so much better. I had my ushers unroll it after the guests were seated and right before the bridal party walked down. There was no confusion, and the guests knew that rolling it out meant the ceremony was starting.
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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I agree with pp they are not necessary. I am also having my ceremony indoors. I have decided to not have an aisle runner. Mainly because of tripping and because in order to get a good quality one you need to spend at least $100. I can't see paying that much for something that will be stepped on and then possibly thrown away. I honestly think even if you do have an aisle runner the rose petals tend to be placed next to the runner and not always on top of it. So either way your going to have rose petals to clean up. Just go easy with the rose petals.
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    I've recently fallen in love with the fake rose petal runners.  I've seen full isle runners and just 5" wide strips to go down either side. Here is a link to a previous thread.

    Most people use tulle but one good suggestion would to be to use canvas which has a heavy weight. I have seen them done okay and I have seen absolutely gorgeous runners.  They are time consuming.

    Best directions/tips and beautiful example

    Oh yeah, the last one has a 5 minute video, just excuse all of the "ums" :)
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    No need for a runner. We aren't using one. Honestly, they can be more of a pain then what they are worth.
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