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I noticed you're going to HI right before us! Which island? How long will you be there?

We will be on Kauai from March 11-19.

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  • We're going to Kauai 2/25 - 3/3

    I've never been to Kauai before, so I'm excited!
  • Sweet! You'll have to give me a rundown of stuff you loved and would recommend for us when you get back!
  • Will do.  Do you have anything planned there yet?
  • We really want to scuba dive and go on a whale watching tour. Of course we have to get a luau, as well.
  • We're going to try a dive one day also, probably just a shore dive though since my mom will be with us.  We booked our luau the other day, going to the Smith Family one.  And we are going to be doing a sunset dinner cruise with Captain Andy's of the Na Pali coast, so hopefully we'll see some whales too (we are bringing our binoculars JIC).  Other than that, that's all we have planned.  The rest will just be driving, checking out beaches, snorkeling, etc.

    Do you have the Kauai Revealed book yet?  It's such a great resource.
  • No, but I shall check it out!!
  • Where are y'all staying?

    Hubs and I stayed near Poipu for our HM.

    We did not do a luau or a dive. We mostly drove around and hiked and sat the beach. We did do a helicopter tour that was pretty awesome. I can look up the name of the company we went with if either of you is interested. :)

    Poipu was our favorite beach, and we visited a lot of the ones mentioned in the Kauai Revealed book. Although we did not get to spend much time on the North Shore b/c we drove up there on a weekend and it was SUPER crowded.

    With the AZ time difference, we liked to go in the morning -- it was plenty warm and fewer people. We explored in the afternoons.

    Wish we were headed back sometime soon. Super jealous of you guys. You'll have to share lots of pics when you get back, please! :)

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  • We are staying on the north shore in Princeville.  The north shore has pretty rough waters in the winter, so we'll likely be heading down to Poipu for diving/snorkeling. 

    We normally wouldn't do a luau, but it's my mom's first time in Hawaii, so that's kind of 'mandatory'.  LOL.  She's really excited for the trip...she was 100% as of a week ago (5 weeks ahead of departure).
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