April 2012 Weddings

Centerpiece Ideas...

Our wedding colors/theme are yellow, orange, white, and pink gerber daisies.  I'd like to use real flowers in vases as centerpieces (with maybe some smaller white daisy accents).  We are also getting small candy boxes to put homemade mints in as a favor for each person.  Each box lid is going to have a artificial gerber daisy attached in one of the four daisy colors.

We have round tables for our reception that sits 8 people.  So, originally we thought we could put two boxes of each color at every table.  But now, I was thinking about having each table just be one color.  (i.e. one table would have pink gerber daisy centerpiece and all pink gerber daisy favors).

What do you think would look better?  Every table having all of the colors of favors/flower center pieces or monochromatic tables (a few tables all pink, a few tables all yellow, a few tables all orange, and a few tables all white).

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