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Hostessing Tips?

I'm hosting a Christmas dinner on Sunday evening. I'm used to throwing parties, but not dinner parties.

Does anyone have any good hostessing tips? Anything I should pay specific attention to or that I might forget? I think I've worked out a menu that I can handle and won't be slaving in the kitchen over all day.

Re: Hostessing Tips?

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    coastiegrl25coastiegrl25 member
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    I wanna come!! I think any party you throw would be amazing and all you would have to do was sit down and let people show up!  Well, I know you wouldn't do that so I say just make sure that there are beverages of plenty and always available.  Oh drinks, and appetizers are always good to have.  Don't rush anyone and just be yourself and I'm sure it will be great!!
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    Blue & WhiteBlue & White member
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    Have yummy food.  And drinks.  Assuming your friends/family coming to this dinner are as cool as you, you should be fine :)
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    marleylikeairmarleylikeair member
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    Remember to smile and relax! If you're having fun, your guests will, too.
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    Have drinks/appetizers out and ready before people get there. Oh, and play some good dinner party music throughout - something not too loud or heavy that can easily be talked over. Classic rock is always a good option, or jazz if you're into it.

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    lmwilberlmwilber member
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    First off- relax! if you are stressed your guests will be too. Second, have a small bar and apps set out and ready 10 min before people are set to arrive. Walk though, light candles, make sure there is soap in the bath room (and extra TP!) Then take a deep breath and have fun. Also, keep the menu as simple as possible. Stick to something that you have made at least once before. Simple food done well is always a crowd pleaser!
     For inspiration on how not to throw a dinner party, I suggest the episode from The Office when Jan and Michael have their party. So funny!!
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    motoLynmotoLyn member
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    Try to get what you can done before the guest arrived.  You don't want to spend all your time in  the kitchen, you need to get in there and mingle with your guests!  Relax and have fun!  Hope you have a great one.  I love dinner parties.
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    Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to get dressed and ready.

    Play instrumental Christmas music in the background.  I like Jazz versions for dinner parties. 

    Have a drink station set up.  Serve your guests their 1st drink but let them take it from there.  Since it is a Christmas party, I would fill a couple of extra glasses with glass ornaments or tinsel as part of the decoration at the station.  Wrap bows around your bottles of wine (or cocktails.)  Make sure you put the wine in the fridge early enough for it to chill.

    I am not sure what look you are going for but a floor length white tablecloth dresses up any occassion and isn't expensive.   
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