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AW: Graduation

I am a Biologist!

I've been absent on TK due to graduation and getting ready for Peru! I feel out of the loop and like so much has happened on here!

My weekend was full of family and fun!  My family was at the very front of the audience, and were burnt to a crisp since they had been saving those seats in the sun for an hour before the graduation.  I graduated Cum Laude for both my thesis and GPA! It feels so good to be done with the hard stuff.  I still have two classes to take, field ento (Peru) and an easy theatre class.  Then I get to move to the South Bay to be with BF and start a new chapter of my life (and hopefully find a grad school to go to). 

BF left to Germany today on a business trip, we are both sad that we can't talk to each other up until I leave to Peru but I am so proud of him!  It is going to be so weird not talking to each other for 2.5 weeks, since that is one of the only forms of communication we have with each other.  I am sure that the jungle will be somewhat distracting from me missing him too much.  I am glad that I get to be without phone and internet for 2 weeks, it will be an awesome break from the world.

Here are some graduation pics:

Here's me on the way to grad, BF drove me :)

Playing with my honors cords ended up in breaking my honors cords.  That's my mom fixing them and my sis laughing at me.

YUP, I am a bio graduate!!!!

Here is BF and I in front of the poster for my research!

I don't have any of me actually walking because BF took a video on the camera instead of pics.  It's awesome that I can see myself walking and relive the moment where I forgot to grab my diploma from the chair!

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