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How to prepare?

So today is the first day of my last 2 weeks at my job. I told my boss on Friday that I got a new job, and he was happy for me. My position is per diem so I don't have to give a formal written resignation. I have also begun telling others on my floor that I am leaving soon. (Everyone knew I was looking for a job so this is no surprise to anyone.)

So my question to you all today; how do you prepare for a new job? Is there anything specific you do? Any tips/pointers on something I should do? Any advice/help would be more than appreciated!
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Re: How to prepare?

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    After I get over my stress-induced diarrhea, I just tell myself that no one is born knowing everyrhing, including my new employers. Everyone has to be taught. I tell myself this so I don't feel stupid or bad about asking questions or not knowing everything that I am expected to know.

    GL CD! You're going to do awesome.
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