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Wedding Attire Advice

Hi everyone...I'm new here! I posted in the Getting to Know You sticky...and I figured now I'd jump right in! I've been lurking for a while, but I decided to go ahead and start posting because I have a wedding-related question, and I figured y'all would be the best to ask! 

BF and I just got invited to his cousin's wedding in December, and I'm not sure what to wear (what, I like to plan ahead!). It's a morning ceremony (11:30 a.m.) and I've never gone to one of those before. The ceremony will be at a Catholic church with the reception to follow at a pretty classy event center. I think the morning element is really throwing my because I have no clue what to wear for that. The invitation doesn't specify.

It'll be hella cold by that time, so ideally I'd like to do a dress and tights. But can I wear heels? Should I stick with flats? How dressy should the dress be? I'm totally thrown. Did anyone have a morning wedding ceremony, or has anyone been to one before who could give me some suggestions?  

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  • I think Morning weddings are more semi-formal to causal.  I feel like I have heard light colors.  I am not 100% sure though.  Yes according to my google search you should not wear black, not that I am sure how strict that is.  I am sure the other girls will have more to weigh in though. 

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    That really depends on the reception.  You said it's at a really nice event center, but what's being provided?  Drinks and a meal?  Dancing?  Or is it cake and punch?  Is there a gap between ceremony and reception, so that you're getting dinner?

    I'd probably wear a sweaterdress, tights and heels.  But, if it's a more formal reception, I'd find a cocktail dress in  a jewel-tone, and wear tights and heels, and wear a blazer or a cardigan over top.  Normally,  yes, you could get away with a light colored sun dress, but since it's December, I think darker/brighter colors will be fine.  No one expects you to wear a sun dress in December.
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  • An early wedding in the winter... that is a tricky combo.

    I would go with a more casual dress that you can wear a sweater and tights with.  Or a skirt and a blouse (with or without a cardigan).  Heels are fine, just keep them on the tame side.  Just think about outfits that would be appropriate in an office setting (but add a little extra personality) and you'll be fine.  Inspiration:





  • I agree with PP. It's probably a little less formal than an evening wedding (though often Catholic weddings may be earlier not to conflict with mass). Something that's more of a business-approprate dress would work. Expecially something you can put a nice sweater over to stay warm.

    If there's a big gap between ceremony and reception and you think the reception is going to be fancy, you might want to change in-between.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone. Elle1036, the pictures were especially helpful! I think dressing for an office setting will be a safe bet...a long sleeved dress and sweater, flats or maybe low heels. And probably tights since it will be COLD!
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