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S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy

Because I love this little exercise and I'm having an awesomely stressful week myself. And, because, frankly

Post a list of fifty things that make you happy. They can be big, little or in between. Whatever floats your boat. Guarantee you'll be smiling afterwards.

And if you're not, suck it up cupcake, there's no crying in baseball/NEY. :P

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Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy

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    calindicalindi member
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    Ooooh, I like this exercise!  I'll "ETA" when I figure out my list... this might take awhile...


    1. I truly love my job – I work with awesome people (with the exception of 3 colleagues who annoy me) and I get to travel a lot to cool places.
    Warm sunny days with a few soft fluffy clouds in the sky, like today

    3. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents.

    4. Ice cream
    5. I struck the “sibling lottery” with my brother – he’s the best!

    6. Palm trees waving in the breeze outside my window

    7. I’ve got a lifelong friend in my sophomore year roommate.  Though we live on opposite sides of the country, we have an unbreakable bond.

    8. BF’s sister has had a healthy and easy pregnancy, and is about to become a Mom!

    9. I’m healthy.  The doctor kept asking questions during my annual physical about pre-existing conditions, hereditary illnesses, etc. during my checkup, and I kept saying, “Nope!”  He finally goes, “You’re probably one of the healthiest people I know.”  Yay!

    10. Sam Adam’s Noble Pils Beer – it’s pretty awesome!

    11. I don’t have to deal with all that snow and cold weather.  That’s one thing I definitely love about Miami!

    12. German food for dinner this Saturday– yummy!

    13. I honestly believe I have the world’s best boyfriend.  He’s so sweet and thoughtful and caring and loving and loyal and smart and dedicated… I could go on and on!

    14. Sitting in the hammock in our backyard with a book.

    15. We have a gorgeous little home that just feels like it’s “ours” (even though we rent).

    16. BF bought tickets to the symphony this weekend for a date night – yay!

    17. I can see the water from my desk everyday.  That’s a pretty nice perk!

    18. My jogging path goes up over an awesome bridge with a gorgeous view.  Makes the sweating worthwhile!

    19. Going to the movies and ordering popcorn and smothering it with butter

    20. I went from not being able to run at all 4 months ago to 10 miles a few weeks ago… and in just a few weeks, 13.1 miles!  I’m grateful my feet have covered all those miles without injury.
    Going to Disneyworld and acting as excited as children

    22. I’m grateful that we have a good landlord who is responsive and honest, which is sadly not the norm around here.

    23. I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively and live in different countries.  Specifically, traveling alone helped me become more independent and self-reliant.

    24. Mashed potatoes

    25. Coming home to BF, and cuddling up next to him on the couch and tucking my head into his shoulder and just breathing him in.  It washes all my stress away.

    26. Breakfast sandwiches from the deli in my office building.  Bacon, egg, and cheese on Cuban toast.

    27. All of my biological grandparents are still alive, so I’ve had a really long time to get to know them and will always remember them.

    28. The fresh herbs I bought and put on my kitchen windowsill

    29. The Saturday grocery shopping trips I do with BF every week now.  We go to two farmers markets, a fresh local produce shop, a great fish market, and then to the grocery store.  It takes awhile, but it’s nice to really invest our time in picking out good healthy food for us to eat together.

    30. Painting on my porch on a sunny Saturday afternoon

    31. My brother’s girlfriend is truly awesome, and I hope he keeps her around.  She just fits in our family so well, and she’s really good for him.

    32. Talking about the future with BF – saving money before we have kids, getting/being pregnant, raising children, retiring, growing old together and passing each other brownies under the table at the nursing home!

    33. My friend is going to run the half marathon with me, so I’m really looking forward to being able to share all that excitement with someone!

    34. Hot chocolate

    35. I’m going to be teaching sailing to children starting in a few weeks, which makes me super happy!

    36. My breadmaker, and the fact that BF knows me well enough to buy me things for the kitchen for every holiday.

    37. Burger King cheeseburger with pickles and ketchup only – yes, terrible for me, but it makes me smile every time!

    38. That feeling of elation after a long run when the endorphins kick in

    39. A new haircut that is so easy to style

    40. Pedicures

    41. BF has told me he will propose in the next 6 months!

    42. Trying new things, like the fishing trip we just bought on Groupon and the flying lessons we’re planning on taking in a few weeks!

    43. The random text messages or emails BF sends me through the day to tell me he loves me

    44. Our family vacation we’re planning for October – a week with my favorite people in one of my favorite places in the world?  Awesome!

    45. Reading trashy romance novels

    46. The way BF snuggles up to me in the middle of the night when he’s fast asleep

    47. My pole dancing classes – I feel sexy and empowered after each class!

    48. Going camping and sitting around a campfire for hours

    49. Eating BBQ until I have sauce up to my elbows

    50. Weekends!




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    1. the color green
    2. brids chirping
    3. my mom visiting from MD
    4. BF making me laugh in the middle of an argument
    5. mashed potatoes
    6. ice cream
    7. warm sunshine
    8. view of mountains from my deck
    9. snorkeling
    10. orange soda
    11. my brother finding a girl that treats him right
    12. happy relationship with BF's family
    13. annual trip to SD
    14. skiing
    15. my dog, Remi
    16. my cat, kiki
    17. BF's brother's engagement
    18. friend from college having a baby girl
    19. making friends on TK
    20. smiling
    21. traveling
    22. promotions at work
    23. decorating my condo
    24. watching L&O
    25. girl's nights
    26. pedicures
    27. appletinis
    28. strawberries
    29. loosing weight
    30. picnics with BF
    31. making love
    32. chocolate
    33. dreaming up kid's names
    34. shopping
    35. laughing
    36. visiting with my grandparents
    37. family reunions
    38. the ocean
    39. hosting dinner parties
    40. cooking something new
    41. Thanksgiving
    42. white water rafting
    43. hiking
    44. new shoes
    45. the zoo/aquarium
    46. rain or a warm day
    47. jumping in puddles
    48. little girls with curly hair
    49. babies
    50. owning my home
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    1. My BF who is absolutely amazing to me even if I am being cranky. He knows exactly what to say to calm me down.
    2. My sister Elisabeth. She is my sunshine.
    3. My brother Andrew. He is so funny. It totally brightens my day to talk to these two. (They are 7 and 5).
    4. My step-mom. She has become my best friend over the past ten years.
    5. Having a well paying job that can be fun sometimes right out of college.
    6. Getting to go to grad school for free cause my work pays for it.
    7. My dog Gabby. She always tries to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. Its crazy how she can sense that stuff. And she is amazing at catching tennis balls in the air.
    8. Our new Korean roommate. He has made dinner on both of my school nights, and he has a Vick's vaporizer which I used last night.(I've been sick)
    9. An amazing apartment complex. Couldn't ask for a better location, neighbors, or landlords.
    10. My car. It has kept up quite well through everything I have put it through over the past seven years.

    Wow 50 is a lot!

    11. the experience I have had through college
    12. the places I have traveled
    13. my health
    14. all of the amazing people I have gotten to know and the wisdom they have shared with me
    15. almost having everything completely paid off
    16. having a large amount of family close to me (distance and emotional)
    17. Wendy. One of the secretaries at my job. She has been my closest work buddy.
    18.My intelligence
    19.My BF's family
    20.I think I'm going to make this the last one, but definitely not the least. YOU! the NEY board has been very helpful to me over the past ~6months
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    edited December 2011 some extra. :)

    1. My FI
    2. My friends & family
    3. My dog
    4. Scuba diving
    5. Dancing
    6. Photography
    7. Traveling
    8. The ocean
    9. Cooking/baking
    10. Sleeping in
    11. Autumn
    12. Christmastime
    13. Long hot showers
    14. The smell/feel of freshly done laundry
    15. A perfectly cooked steak
    16. Full moons/starry nights
    17. Bonfires
    18. Crappy-bad horror movies (especially if there's a genetically mutated killer animal or reanimated psycho killer involved)
    19. Setting a goal and accomplishing it
    20. Yoga
    21. Having a group of girlfriends you feel like you can say anything to
    22. Sharks/sawfish
    23. A juicy thunderstorm
    24. The smell of burning wood in the air in the wintertime
    25. Farmers markets
    26. Having a totally clean and organized house
    27. Chipotle chicken burrito bowls
    28. A perfect pizza
    29. The way my dog goes apeshit when I get home from work
    30. Charleston SC
    31. Disneyworld weekends
    32. Hammocks/porch swings
    33. Fresh snow-white whole milk mozzerella + extra virgin olive oil + really fresh basil + sea salt + fresh cracked black pepper on just baked French baguette
    34. Hugs from my brother or hearing him say "I love you" - he doesn't say it often, so I know he means it when he does
    35. Slumber parties with my cousins
    36. Hibachi/Mongolian BBQ
    37. Cool weather when you can sleep with the windows open
    38. Learning/exploring just for the sake of learning/exploring
    39. Ice cold Coca-Cola out of the glass bottle
    40. Arms length photographs with friends
    41. HomeGoods/Marshalls/Crate & Barrel marathons with my mom
    42. Unexpected bonuses/pay days
    43. Laughing so hard you cry/snort
    44. Tijuana Taxi steak fajitas + strawberry margaritas
    45. Rollercoasters
    46. Butterflies
    47. Massages
    48. Random hilarious text messages
    49. A handwritten letter or note from a friend
    50. Driving around in the country/backwoods on a sunny day or a starry night, just for the hell of it
    51. When a guy friend or family member acts like the protective older brother
    52. Boating/sailing with friends
    53. Picnics/cookouts on the beach
    54. Working in my garden
    55. Coming up with and mastering a new recipe
    56. Apple/pumpkin picking
    57. Dancing the night away with friends
    58. Wii
    59. The Outer Banks
    60. Carnivals/fairs

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    Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    1. Cuddling with BF
    2. Meeting and holding his new nephew
    3. Going shopping for nephew, and watching BF like a kid in a candy store, it makes me excited about the future.
    4. Talking to my parents on the phone.
    5. Any activity that makes my sisters and I hang out
    6. Working for a family that understands family emergencies.
    7. Smoking
    8. Drinking
    9. Being able to pay my bills
    10. Starting the search to buy a home w/BF
    11. Having a few great friends
    12. Reading on my kindle
    13. Playing Blackjack with BF
    14. Playing Scrabble w/BF (As long as he's not looking up words on his phone.)
    15. Good coffee w/flavored creamer
    16. Waking up after a nightmare and pulling closer to BF
    17. BFs family, who are very inviting and already consider me a member.
    18. Doing my nails.
    19. Driving home to visit family
    20. The way my nephews and niece run and scream when they see me.
    21. Losing weight.
    22. Having a job.
    23. FINALLY getting the bills out of my name at my old apt.  Old roomies are making me nervous.
    24. An extra 15 minutes of sleep.
    25. When my Mom tells me she's proud of me.

    *Wipes brow* Halfway there...
    26. Cleaning out my FB friends list.
    27. Seeing an XBF giddily happy about a new relationship.
    28. Letting go of grudges. (See #27)
    29. Knowing BF is excited about marrying me and has plans for our life together.
    30. BFs business taking off
    31. Getting dolled up.
    32. Finding an outfit that is really flattering.
    33. Counting down the days until my cell contract runs out.
    34. When BF packs my lunch.
    35. A clean house
    36. When I make the deposit for work and it adds up correctly first try.
    37. Memories of my Papa.
    38. Good hair days.
    39. Solving the USA today crossword puzzle without cheating.
    40. When BF cooks.

    *rewipes brow* I'm digging...

    41. Getting a good deal.
    42. Selling the chairs I make. (I've sold two!)
    43. Sushi
    44. Knowing Spring is close.
    45. Comfy shoes.
    46. When the work day is fairly uneventful.
    47. Participating in our non-profit, like when we took 50 kids Christmas shopping.
    48. Being elected VP of our non-profit, and receiving an award for organizing the kids shopping.
    49. Making others laugh.
    50. Being able to list 50 things that make me happy, and knowing in 5 mins I'll think of 5 more I would've used if I wasn't put on the spot.  Counting your blessings is kinda awesome.
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    bethsmilesbethsmiles member
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    I'm totally  going to be thinking about this in class today

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    MLekathLEENMLekathLEEN member
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    1.) When FI is home for longer than two days
    2.) Snuggling with Riley as soon as she wakes up
    3.) Snow days
    4.) Naps
    5.) Jessica's Daily Affirmations
    6.) Angry Birds
    7.) Manicures
    8.) Bubble Baths
    9.) Having a job to go to every day
    10.) Co-workers who keep me entertained
    11.) Having a great relationship with FMIL
    12.) Being able to afford school on my own and with very few loans.
    13.) The wonderful NEY girls who make my days go by so much faster.
    14.) Playing cards with my Granny
    15.) Beating Granny in cards
    16.) FI's flight benefits
    17.) Good margaritas
    18.) When my assets and liabilities/owners equity matches up in my homework
    19.) Knowing that I'm only 5 classes away from graduating.
    20.) Knowing FSIL thinks the world of me
    21.) Getting along with the in-laws as well as I do and feeling like I'm one of their own
    22.) Bumpy cake sundaes
    23.) Five Guys burger
    24.) Sweatshirts out of the dryer.
    25.) Tim Horton's in walking distance from work
    26.) Having the ability to spell correctly (but it doesn't make me happy that the majority of other people don't have this ability)
    27.) Having such a close family
    28.) Biscuits and gravy
    29.) The perfect fried egg
    30.) When I rub FI's back in his sleep and he automaticlly smiles
    31.) Watching Riley "run" through 6+ inches of snow
    32.) Having health insurance
    33.) Ditto- Homegoods finds
    34.) New UGG slippers
    35.) Flowers delivered to work
    36.) When the Oceana, Hetshup, Jeana etc come out to play!

    Will finish later
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    I'm having post-concert malaise; I need this.

    1. Dogs
    2. Food
    3. Couch
    4. Laptop
    5. Shopping
    6. black and white checkered Vans
    7. sourdough bread
    8. "Glee"
    9. my FI
    10. Rainy days
    11. Going to St. Lucia
    12. Making Brendon Urie laugh at the Panic at the Disco concert on Tuesday (YES I HAVE TO AW THIS AGAIN: )
    13. Panic at the Disco's new album coming out on March 29th
    14. My Chemical Romance concert on May 8th
    15. Going to St. Lucia in 2 weeks
    16. Fuzzy socks
    17. Hot tubs
    18. Spas
    19. Pedicures
    20. Giving my friends presents for no reason.
    21. Going to the beach

    ...I've run out of things.

    image 170 Invited (holy crap!)

    image 98 are coming to party!

    image 29 have other plans

    image 43 need to respond!

    Daisypath Wedding tickers

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    Beads921Beads921 member
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    So this was tough, but I liked it (there actually are 50, but the numbers didn't paste right, so I had to get rid of them):

    Our apartment.

    School. My program is the perfect fit for me.

    The good fortune I have had job-wise.

    BF. This is obvious, but he truly does make me happy in many ways.


    Stir-fry for dinner tonight.

    Me. I generally make myself pretty happy; I’m proud of my accomplishments and knowing how much more I can achieve.

    BF’s photography. It makes me incredibly proud.

    The beach.

    Grapefruit (and grapes, for that matter).

    My Grandparent’s cottage.

    Painting. I love love love it (in the crafty way, not the walls way).

    And on that note…Making jewelry.

    Track pants.

    The colours orange, purple, .

    Tea in every flavour and variety.

    Yuk Yuks. We’re going tomorrow!

    Interesting African style artwork and décor.

    Ice cream.

    The green and cream throw cushion covers I made over Christmas.


    A great fitting pair of jeans.



    My family rocks in every way possible.

    More specifically, I really look up to my parents in the way they treat others. It’s incredible, and a model for how I wish to live my life.


    The abstract artwork hanging above my desk that BF and I did over Christmas.

    Kraft Dinner.

    Fresh ice on the trees on a bright winter morning.

    A clean apartment.

    The birthday card my sisters gave me 2 years ago. Funniest. Card. Ever. I still look at it all the time.

    When my apartment is clean.

    Giving people presents I know they’ll love.

    When a new recipe turns out amazing!



    Catching up with an old friend.

    My relative health.

    Cora’s restaurant.

    Nutsy Bolts.


    The slippers BF got me for Christmas.

    Handing in completed assignments.

    My Mom’s home made corn chowder.

    Warm soup on a cold day.

    Curling up with a book or magazine and a blanket on a comfy couch.

    Coming home after vacation.

    The fresh and clean feeling after a shower.

    Finding something I had been missing.

    Wedding Countdown Ticker

    Life is good today.
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    marleylikeairmarleylikeair member
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    1. BF.
    2. Our cat, Marlon.
    3. BF's carpentry skills. They really come in handy.
    4. My memory box which he made me.
    5. NEY.
    6. Winnie-the-Pooh, classic style.
    7. M&Ms.
    8. Okay, all chocolate.
    9. BF's automotive skills. They also come in really handy.
    10. BF's muscles. Rawwwr.
    11. Our new couch.
    12. Balloons. I like balloons.
    13. CAAAAAKE.
    14. Paris.
    15. Ballet.
    16. The Great Lakes.
    18. Shoes. Sparkly ones.
    19. My sister.
    20. My grandparents.
    21. Knowing how to be both fashion-forward and handy with a hammer drill.
    22. Telling Oceana I'm representing the 313 and that Michigan rules.
    23. My BFF.
    24. Today is a significant day for BF and me, and we're going out to dinner tonight. :)
    25. Red lipstick and the red-bottomed shoes I got for 70% off.
    26. Having had an amazing audition and landed a part in the musical even after I crunched my fender trying to get to the audition.
    27. Taking little walks out of the office to get a snack or Vitamin Water.
    28. Kiwi-Strawberry Vitamin Water.
    29. That BF cooks. He usually makes me something for breakfast on the mornings when I start work from home and get ready to leave for the office.
    30. Being with BF, period.
    31. That BF owns his own home and I get to live there and decorate it.
    32. Facebook. I enjoy Facebook.
    33. Piggybacking on Oceana's #60, I have to second carnivals/fairs. Best junk food EVAR, and BF likes to try to win me stuffed animals. :)
    34. Apple butter.
    35. BF's mom making crabapple jelly from scratch and giving us jars of it regularly.
    36. Kohl's, TJ Maxx, Target.
    37. My NYC street cred. ;-)
    38. My extremely funny semi-Jewish great-uncle. (On the concept of God: "How do we know it's not a board of directors? Seems like a lot of work for one guy.")
    39. I can't mention my great-uncle without mentioning his wife, my great-aunt, the warmest, most kindhearted, positive person in the world.
    40. Funny customers. Like the senior citizen a few months ago who said he was a beer guy and asked if I liked "them peenyee coladees."
    41. Our drivers at work. They're the nicest guys.
    42. Working from home in my PJs.
    43. Pianos, especially old ones.
    44. History.
    45. Historical architecture.
    46. History detectives on PBS.
    47. That our house was built in 1881. It's rock-solid and has beautiful birdseye maple floors.
    48. That my boss is cool and a good guy, if a little twitchy and hard to read sometimes.
    49. The Office and Community.
    50. The way BF squeezes me.
    51. The way he says "I squoze you!" And various other funny made-up words/phrases we have.
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    Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    Oooh fun.  I take credit for this thread, by the way.

    1.  My engagement ring.  It's still new, so everytime I see it, it's a nice little surprise reminding me that I have somebody who really loves me, which brings me to...
    2.  FI.  The best person I've ever known and for some bizarre reason he picked me.
    3.  My apartment.  I really like it.  And I think I did a good job decorating it.
    4.  My dog.
    5.  My black cat.
    6.  My orange cat.
    7.  My recently-improved relationship with my cousin.
    8.  My budding friendship with my step-cousin.
    9.  Riding my road bike.
    10. Riding my mountain bike.
    11. Facebook
    12. My grandmother's chess pie (remnants are sitting in my kitchen)
    13. My health
    14. My blue eyes
    15. My blonde hair
    16. Boy Meets World reruns
    17. Peanut Butter
    18. All things Harry Potter, dur
    19. FI's sisters
    20. LOLcats
    21. Diet Coke
    22. Mix1 Shakes
    23. My gym
    24. Recent friendly messages from an old friend I'd lost touch with
    25. My best friend (and likely future MOH)
    26. My mom's excitement over my wedding
    27. My brother
    28. My other brother
    29. My brothers' girlfriends
    30. My car is working again
    31. Because I changed the batter.  All by myself.  I'm proud
    32. One of my older male cousins has finally found a really awesome girlfriend.
    33. Pretty Little Liars (anyone else watch that?)
    34. I'll get to see FI this weekend
    35. Valentine's Day is coming.  Cheap chocolate the day after!
    36. I'm actually really thankful that I was laid off from my previous job.  That company is a total sh*tshow right now, and I'm glad not to have to deal with it.
    37. I joined a kickball league and I am really excited about it.
    38. My friend Jessica.  She rocks.
    39. FI's dogs.
    40. FI's family.
    41. Mascara.  I've been without mine for like 2 weeks now (after leaving it at my mom's house) and never realized how much I appreciated it.
    42. The possibility of starting graduate school in the fall
    43. FI starting medical school in the fall. Finally.  So proud of him.
    44. Baby-talking with FI
    45. My iPhone
    46. Pasta.  Any kind of pasta.
    47. Vanilla Ice Cream
    48. Actually, let's just say "dessert".  Any dessert at all.
    49. White wine

    And, last but not least...

    50.  All of the wonderful ladies here.
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    <div align="left">In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:136Discussion:87dcc4bc-0b2a-477b-a8c0-ea5cca3ae51fPost:973276b8-cd1a-4a70-925a-dea842f72c12">Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy</a>:
    [QUOTE]17. PUPPIEZ N RAINBOWZ, K? Posted by marleylikeair[/QUOTE]

    With all the wedding-related drama that's been going down in our universe, that's become my code phrase for "I'm done talking about this". It's like the new version of bean dipping people for me.

    The other night, it finally got to me to the point where I screamed out "PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS GOD DAMMIT!" in the middle of my kitchen. The fact that I sounded (and probably looked) remarkably like Cartman from Southpark when I did it only made it all the more funnier afterwards.

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    PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    1) FBD.
    2) M & M
    3) My family/FBD's family
    4) My MOH.  She rocks.
    5) (Most of ) my friends.
    6) Uppity Bitches
    7) My NEY ladies
    8) Food.
    9) My volunteer work.
    10) Monkeys.
    11) Random acts of kindness.
    12) My sense of humour.  Yes, I'm so stuck up that I think I'm funny.
    Get over it.
    13) My wedding.  I'm not at the "I want to punch a bitoch cause I'm so
    stressed" part...yet.
    14) My co-worker.  He's really cool and honest.  Good guy.
    15) My ring.  I'm materialistic like that.
    16) My car...most of the time.
    17) New babies!! Eeeeee!
    18) My daycare kids.
    19) Strawberries.  Fresh off the bush.
    20) Hot showers.
    21) Hot tubs. Close to showers but better.
    22) Summer.
    23) Traveling
    24) Payday.
    25) Snow
    26) History stuff...I'm a nerd.
    27) Black permanent markers.
    28) dancing
    29) Making someone smile
    30) Our farmhouse
    31) Late night chill sessions
    32) Random adventures 
    33) Road trips!!
    34) Tooooooooobing
    35) My fuzzy slippers and pjs
    36) swimming
    37) Bonfires
    38) Turning the music up loud and singing at the top of my lungs.
    39) Getting a note from a friend I haven't talked to in a while.
    40) Text messages
    41) Hugs 
    42) Facebook...sometimes.
    43) Cooking/baking
    44) Newfoundland
    45) Sleeping
    46) Sexy time
    47) South Park/ Family Guy/ American Dad/ other comedy cartoons
    48) Playing games with FBD/friends
    49) Our new nephew, Owen
    50) Home

    and #51: Your mom.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy : With all the wedding-related drama that's been going down in our universe, that's become my code phrase for "I'm done talking about this". It's like the new version of bean dipping people for me. <strong>The other night, it finally got to me to the point where I screamed out "PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS GOD DAMMIT!" in the middle of my kitchen. The fact that I sounded (and probably looked) remarkably like Cartman from Southpark when I did it only made it all the more funnier afterwards.</strong>
    Posted by oceana919[/QUOTE]

    <div>You owe me 2 SoBe's now.</div>

    "Popular on the internetz..."

    Canada is kind of like a whole other world with new things to discover that us americans only dream of. - Narwhal
    Paige I would like to profess my love for you and your brilliant mind. - breezerb
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:136Discussion:87dcc4bc-0b2a-477b-a8c0-ea5cca3ae51fPost:f8939d8f-ae81-41cf-8e52-7a205fc50229">Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: S/O - 50 Things That Make You Happy : You owe me 2 SoBe's now.
    Posted by PaigeMcC[/QUOTE]

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    1. My Boyfriend.  He is truly amazing and helpful even though I am going through a lot of personal termoil and even though he is craazy busy he still has time to listen to me try to figure myself out.
    2. My new car :)
    3. My BFF Natasha.  She is true an amazing and wonderful person who without her wisdom I would be lost.
    4. My godmother who makes amazing fingerless gloves and socks.
    5.Potatoes :)
    6. Sunshine.
    7. Ridding horse.  It's so theriputic for me it isn't funny.
    8. Little girls who love me.
    9. Goodreads.
    10. Reading good books.
    11. Chap stick
    12. The color blue.
    13. Kisses from BF.
    14. Farmvile (I know I am a nerd)
    15. Water.
    16. Top Romen
    17. Good conversation.
    18. Funny things.
    19. Learning French.
    20. Learning German.
    21. Knowing that I started counting the numbers in French as I typed :)
    22. Traveling.
    23. My job.  Even though I am not working right now when I do work I do love my job.
    24. Starwars the old  ones.
    25. Church. There is something amazing about my church.
    26. Singing. 
    27. Hiking in the mountains.
    28. Getting emails.
    29. Text's from my BF and BFF's.
    30. Knowing that after tonight I will be done with school for the weekend.
    31. Going to my friends house in an hour.
    32.  Walking in the rain.
    33. Finishing this game.
    34. My rolling backpack.
    35. The number 7.
    36. Going to school.
    37. Writing poerty.
    38. Writting reviews on books.
    39. Comfortable beds.
    40. Comfortable chairs.
    41. Pretty sure I got an A on my French test.
    42. Being silly online.
    43. When my hair looks pretty.
    44. Holding BF's hand.
    45. Driving an empty road.
    46. The country side.
    47. Nature.
    48. My awesome Lit teacher.
    49. The fact the BF's O chem teacher knows me by name and says hi to me in the halls without the BF.
    50. Rainy days in side with a good book by the fire.
    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

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