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Days of Truth Day 04

Something you have to forgive someone for:

my dad for being a young dad and not knowing how to be a dad. He has made a lot of steps toward being there for me, and I was a little biased because of the BS my mother said

- my ex-H. While he did and said terrible things while we were together - they all made me stronger, and made me who I am today.

Re: Days of Truth Day 04

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    I need to forgive the people who bullied me in junior high, but I am so far from that it's not even funny.

    I need to forgive my sister for rubbing her engagement/marriage in my face. Even though she was only married for like 10 months, it still sort of bothered me that my little sister got married before me. I also need to forgive her for thinking she knows more than me about relationships because of her marriage and divorce.
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    I have to forgive my dad for not knowing how to be a parent, a husband or a son. He so desperately wants to have close knit relationships, but he seems to only push people away. I have to realize that he will never be the father I I need to let that go and forgive him.
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