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WR Checks

Sounds like a productive day for some of us with all these WR checks going on!!

We just booked a coordinator and blocked rooms this morning.  We will probably need to book more rooms but at least we've got a start!!  I also put the info on the wedding website so folks can start booking if they want.  Since it's a destination wedding, people will need to make their plans early!!

As for the coordinator . . . we weren't originally going to get one.  I'm pretty organized and we both have a really good idea of how we want the day to run.  BUT I kept thinking about how we could use someone to make sure the day flows smoothly so we don't have to worry about it.  And FI's Aunt who will be performing our ceremony highly suggested at least a day-of person just to take the stress off of us.  I asked our caterer and he gave us a fantastic recommendation; turns out she's really inexpensive and really easy to work with.  We spoke this morning for about 45 minutes and she brought up some points that I hadn't even considered and is already putting together a day-of timeline so we don't have to do that either!!  She also will take care of handling the vendors the week of and our rehearsal.  We get her and her assistant for a price I couldn't believe.  I'm SO thrilled to have her and already feel a bit relieved at not having to figure those things out.  Whew!! 

Does anyone else plan on using a coordinator or planner?  Tiger & NYC, did you use one?  Lyn, Elle, Raven, are you using one?  I'm just curious!

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    As of now, we're not having one .We just can't get it in the budget. I really want a DOC, and the preschool director at work has offered to do it for me, so we'll see. 

    Yay for all of the wedding checks! 

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    We have one. We chose a package that was in-between planning everything and just being a DOC. It is WAY worth the money. She has definitely saved us a lot when it comes to vendors because she has close working relationships with them and they all help each other out. More than anything, she will make sure all of the vendors know where to go and what to do as well as setting everything up. The day of we don't have to worry about anything, and that is sooo nice.
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    Congratulations on booking a coordinator. We have a day of coordinator. We talk to her all of the time, exchanging ideas and such. She is amazing. 
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    I have a wedding coordinator.  She's connected to the wedding industry in Maui.  I'm pretty good about contacting vendors, but my WC can give me more recommendations, suggestions and price breaks with vendors.  I really recommend that you have a day of coordinator would be good.  That way you don't have to worry about anything except sitting back and getting ready.  I love the fact that all I have to do is tell my WC what I want and she goes and does the research and contacts vendors for me.  Especially since I don't have time to really take a mini vacay to Maui for cake, catering tasting and site visitations.  My coordinator cost me about $850.  I hired her in April of last year and we've been corresponding via phone and email and she'll be there day of to take care of supervising vendors. 

    I think a WC based in tahoe would be a great addition if you can afford it, he or she will be able to direct you to the vendors that will fit in your budget.  Congrats in your wedding checks!
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    Yaga - same thing!!  FI really didn't think we needed one but I told him it would help me from getting overwhelmed worrying too much on the day-of - that convinced him!! 

    Our venue is a private estate with no packages so we're putting everything together ourselves and a coordinator really wasn't something I included in the budget originally.  We have our photographers, dj, caterer, event rental and guest accommodations pretty well taken care of but she was able to give me a great recommendation for a florist and another event rental company that can do some lighting we wanted (the company we have doesn't do lighting but they'll do everything else).  I'm SO, SO happy already that we hired her!!  I kind of thought I was being extravagant by wanting one (even though she was only $750!); the fact that so many of you have a DOC and reading how you've been using them makes me not feel too bad though!! 
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    We don't have a co-ordinator exactly. But kind of. Our venue (and my contact there) pretty much does everything for us except flowers, attire, and photography. We get a day-of co-ordinator through them as well, which I'm really grateful for because I don't have to worry about anything. 

    It's not something I personally could justify spending extra on, but since it's included I'm happy to have it. I actually wouldn't have booked a venue that didn't provide someone for the day of though, so I definitely see it as valuable.
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    Congrats on the checks! 

    A DOC is included at our venue/with our caterer so we have one but if we didn't I would definitely book one myself.

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    Yay for getting things done!

    We aren't having a coordinator.  We didn't budget for it.  If I could go back and start planning from the beginning again, though, I would have one.  Planning from 450 miles away would be soo much easier if I had someone to do some of the legwork.
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    I don't have one.  I should for the day of but honestly my dad is being great about helping us get it all figured out, we had a 2 hour conversation about it last night :)  And I don't have the money and I am picky I want things my way lol. And I don't trust others.  But I say go for it if you can afford it! :)  I have a million fragments but I don't care lol.
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    I'm late to this, but I will be getting one. I've already spoken with 5 or 6 and narrowed it down to 2. We're doing a full service, complete, basically plan the whole wedding package, but I would have definitely sprung for a "day-of" at the very least. I LOVE both the ladies I"m considering. Their work is great and I can't wait to get started with them. And yes, it's such a weight off my shoulders, especially leading up to the wedding when they do the things I would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do. And troubleshooting (both planners mentioned that there are ALWAYS problems with guests checking into hotels. I'd so much rather the calls about that go to a coordinator than me). And making sure the vendors arrive on time and get set up properly. I mean, how does one do that AND get ready on their wedding day? 
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