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white sleigh.???

I'm having a winter wedding...... everythings going to be snowflakes.... I have a little one that will be 2 at the time of the wedding ....she's going to have a big snowflake in her hair and i want one of the ring bearers to pull her down in a while snow sleigh but dont know where to even get one?  please help

Re: white sleigh.???

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    How are you planning on making the sleigh glide down the aisle?  Regardless, I'm not a fan at all of little kids being pulled down the aisle, especially by another child.  Have grandma carry her down the aisle and leave it at that. 
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    Regardless of whether or not this is a good idea (which is up for debate), I think you should do some basic shopping.  Walmart?  Any large department store will have sleds starting this time of year.  Buy one of those wooden ones with slippery bottoms and spray paint it white.  Shouldn't be hard to find, and easy to paint.

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    I think this is going to look so cute : ) I agree with naomi about doing some basic shopping.
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    you might see if someone in the family could put small wheels on the sleigh to actually make it easier to pull or push. Just small ones on the inside of the rudders so they don't really show but make the job easier.
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    If you see a decorative one around that's large enough for her, you could then have someone attach it to a simple board on casters. I love the little sled the PP found, though. That's cute, easier to find, and guaranteed to support her without extra work. But are you sure the other child is capable of pulling her, even with wheels or slippery sled treads? 2-year-olds are often quite big, and you didn't say how old the ring bearer would be. I think perhaps grandma carrying her would be wiser, but you can always test it out.
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