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**LIV** (PSA for African Mango!)

truDerma Mangodrin SF is on sale on the GNC website for $25.99.

ETA: Assuming this link works (CLICKY) you can also print out the sheet with the discounted price & take it with you & purchase in-store. 

Re: **LIV** (PSA for African Mango!)

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    Are you still taking it as directed?  Are you still losing weight? 

    I admit that I have forgotten to take it a lot over the past week.  I got on the scale this morning & it literally hasn't budged.  It's exactly the same as it has been everytime I weighed myself over the past week & a half to the ounce.  I want to believe something is wrong with my scale (I mean you'd think it'd fluctuate by at least an ounce at some point, right?) but maybe it's me.  I haven't been working out but I have been eating well.  I'm frustrated. 

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    WOOT! I'm going to thank you for this too. I'm loving the Mango... it's definitely curbing my appitite and I feel more energetic with it :-)


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    I'm totally going to the mall today to see if our GNC has it.
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