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    BF and I went for a walk this morning - we're trying to lose weight together. We walked 6 miles in 1 hr. 40 min!!!! During our walk, he asked me what my ring size was!!!!! (Even though I've told him before and it's the same as his hat size so I thought he'd remember, but oh well Smile). I know he's been looking at rings b/c he mentioned the other day that he's looking at some online options (since I "conveniently" suggested that he look online for better deals b/c he can't afford store-brand prices). Anyway, I'm excited b/c I know he's looking at rings. . . and HE has already picked a possible wedding date. Not me, but him! Whahooo! Just waiting patiently for him to get down on one knee and make this thing official!
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    That is exciting!  Try not to go BSC though.  Just pretend like it didn't happen :)
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    I had a great weekend friday night I went to see the BF play hockey.  We spent all weekend together until about an hour ago.  On Saturday night/day we celebrated a friends' bday with a pot luck dinner and some board games.  Sunday we had alone time we played video games mostly, Today we went over to a mutual friends' house for a bbq.  We had lots of good sexy time.  I hate that tonight we are both back at our own places.  I miss him and hate sleeping alone. 


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