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Bridesmaid Duty! How many times have you been one?


Re: Bridesmaid Duty! How many times have you been one?

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    How many times have you been a bridesmaid? 
    I was a junior bridesmaid when I was 10 for my uncle's wedding reception type thing (they eloped in Vegas and then had a mini ceremony/big reception when they got back). I don't think we had to do much besides pose for pictures with them., and maybe walk down the aisle.
    Do you enjoy it or is it not your favorite activity? 
    I thought it was fun, except for the photographer making us stand in really awkward positions for photos. Seriously, he had us stand with our legs crossed and hands on our knee, and there are pictures where it looks like I only have one leg due to the crazy angle!

    Any truly good dresses you've been asked to wear, or have they all been crazy? 
    My grandmother took my cousin and I to Limited Too to pick out our own dresses, as long as they matched the color scheme. We loved them at the time, but looking back, they were hideous! This was in hippie/bell bottom phase of 1997, and we got these purple dresses with huge green 70s style flowers on them!

    Share your experiences!
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    So far I've been in NONE, but I was asked to be a MOH and a bridesmaid this summer for two of my friends. 
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