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Allergies is there no end in sight? venting

Last weekend Jordan and I went to an amazing Blake Shelton / Brad Paisley where we upgraded our seats, got the VIP treatment, food, drinks etc etc and by the time we got home at midnight all I wanted to do was pass out.

The next morning  i was  feeling like I was in a fog but  I assumed it was just from partying to hard and I needed more rest. I took a two hour nap before driving 2 hours to go home. I went to bed as soon as i got home.

Monday  same problem and i felt bad at work that I was yawning during surgeries.

Tues I didnt have time to be in a fog with papers and assignments in class

Wensday it fianlly hit me its not the weekend that got me it was the rain and all the  pollen, mold etc and I am having an allergy attack. When I got up to DC half the building was out of power so I had to walk up 16 flights of stairs with my backpack on my back ( it had my laptop in it) and I couldnt catch my breath. He thought I was coming down with a cold. He called his favorite nurse , his mom , my mom was working nightshift

Once he had me situated he then went out to buy zertec ( pharmacy was closed so he couldn't get the good stuff), halls drops, and Pho. Thankfully the elevator was working by then so he didnt have to walk up those stupid stairs.  He said once I started sucking on the cough drop I sounded better.

I took a very hot shower today and have been eating my soup like a good girl  wishing that this will all clear up before this weekend. We have plans to go to the Maryland Reniassance Faire this weekend and I dont want to be sneezing the whole time

anyone have some quick fix solutions?

Re: Allergies is there no end in sight? venting

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    If it's allergies, it's not going to go away in a week.

    Allergies suck, though.  I take benadryl when my allergies are bad and just deal with it the rest of the time.  Sounds terrible, but you get used to it.

    Nasal steroid sprays worked at one point in my life, but you need a prescription and they're not particularly without their side effects.

    BUT, you live in VA (like me)...the leaves just started turning.  We're in for a long haul of allergies (until it snows, basically).  Good luck
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    This year suppose to be the worse year for allergies. I usally have them for a day and  by the next day they are cleared up and my body has adjusted 
    K'sera sera :D
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