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Does anyone have a recommendation for a non-denominational officiant? I have tried three of the top recommended people in our area and they are all booked for our date.

Help! I'm getting really stressed. Frown

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    A friend of ours got "online ordained" by the Universal Life Church so he can perform our ceremony.  If you have an outgoing and articulate friend/relative you'd like to look into this, I recommend it.  It's free and virtually instantaneous. 

    You'll want to double check to see if there are funky legal requirements in your state, but in general the Universal Life Church ordinations are recognized as legal. 
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    we are getting married in atlanta, and have had a difficult time finding someone to perform a secular/civil wedding in a formal setting, who has reasonable educational & professional experience.

    any recommendations?
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    Since this is an international board, you should post on your local board for local recommendations.  I used an officiant out of the Chicago, northwest Indiana area so my recommendation probably wouldn't help you.
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    I don't know if there are any Unitarian Universalist societies around where you are, but it might be worth looking into.  I know you said 'non-denominational', and technically Unitarian is a denomination, but it is the least 'religious' and most customizable out there.  We're having a Unitarian minister, and there will be no mention of religion in our service.
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    ohwhynot, I am looking into the online option.  What did you have to do as far as your state requirements go after getting the online ordination?  i was reading Nevada's rewquirements and I am kinda wary.  Pleae let me know what you did.



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