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dog woes.

I spent almost five hours today making what should have been a three hour drive (flooding closed the interstate, had to take highways) only to be greeted by my dog peeing on the bed right as i walked in there to let him out to go potty. i washed the sheets right away and started to put them back on and my dog pees on them again, this time also getting the mattress as i had yet to get the protector on it. i shoved him off the bed to clean it up and so he goes over to my pillow to finish up.

Now mind you i did take him out several times in the time it took to wash them the first time. I dont know what to do about his behavior and about the mattress. I got out all that i could and sprayed it with this stuff i got at the pet store. is there anything else i should do? what about his behavior?

Re: dog woes.

  • SopChickSopChick member
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    Oh, that really sucks! I'm so sorry!

    I've heard putting kitty litter on the spot on the mattress and letting it sit can help pull any of the pee out from deeper in the padding. Then you just vacuum it up later. I don't have any advice for the dog's behaviour though. :(
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  • rainytiinarainytiina member
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    that really sucks!
  • edited December 2011
    Crate him.
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  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    I agree with CCO.  Crate training can work wonders for dogs with potty training issues.  It's made a big difference for mine.

    Just make sure not to crate your dog when you're angry at him.  It should be a safe space, not something associated with punishment.
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