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Hey everyone,

My boyfriend recently told me to start looking at engagment rings to see what I liked.  I've started looking, but it's a bit overwhelming trying to choose.  I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or advice about narrowing it down or how to choose?


Re: Choosing Engagement Ring

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    SwazzleSwazzle member
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    First, welcome to NEY!! 

    I would suggest trying them in person. I had an idea of what kind of ring I wanted in my head but when BF & I went out to look at them in person I ended up narrowing it down to completely different style! I also had better luck figuring out what I definitely didn't like/want & going from there. 

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    Go with a girlfriend or your mom and try some on. It is so much more relaxing to go with another girl to figure out what you like. It's fun and the sales people aren't going to sell you your own e-ring.

    Also, try on a wide variety. Things I never thought I would like actually looked really nice on my hand. Sometimes you like something completely different in person than you do online or in a catalog.
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    I'm with rdr. What you think looks good in a picture can look completely different on your hand!
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    I had fun trying them on with my (now) fiance there. I also spent a lot of time looking at things online. 
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    I agree with PPs that you should go in person and try them on to figure out what styles you like.  I found a couple online that I loved, but when I tried them on, they just weren't for me.

    Shop around a little by yourself and then take your BF.

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    Well, I'd start out with the basics:

    What metals do you prefer? Do you like white gold more than yellow gold? (for example, I cannot stand yellow gold and I made that clear to my FI immediately)

    How important is a diamond? Do you prefer asha or a moissonite instead? Or would you want a colored stone instead of a clear one?

    What is your boyfriend's ring budget?

    Then you can get into specifics with how high the setting is or how thick the band is, or the shapes of the diamonds. I also agree with PPs about going to actually try things on.

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    mennonmennon member
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    Narrowing down a style you like is good, but sometimes it's best to just go and look and try on in person because I always thought I wanted a yellow gold ring with a princess cut diamond, but when I went and looked I ended up falling in love with a white gold three stone round diamond ring. Your taste really changes when you see it on your hand.

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    The style FI ended up getting me wasn't a style that I had ever looked at or tried on.... just saying.... be open minded :)
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