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Extra child

My nephew is the ring bearer, my grooms niece is the flower girl. He also has a nephew and I dont know where to put him! He will be too young to carry a sign down the isle that says "here comes the bride." I wasnt sure if i should make him a flower boy? Any other creative ideas out there??

Re: Extra child

  • He could walk down the aisle with your nephew. There's nothing wrong with having two ringbearers.
  • If he's really young, it might just work better to have him with his parents.  At some point, it's not worth stressing out the little kid just to try to include him.  You could have your F talk to the boy's parents.
  • i don't know what style your wedding will be, but i've seen this in multiple weddings... either the bride or groom has a child they want to include but they're too little for a "job." so, they dress up a little red wagon and have the ringbearer pull them down the aisle, usually with a "here comes the bride" sign attached somehow.... then they can go sit with their parents during the ceremony... that is, assuming they can sit by themself in the wagon... just a suggestion, if they wedding style is conclusive to the wagon... and keep in mind, dressing up a wagon (or sitting in one for that matter) would be super fun for the little one, and there are endless possibilities!

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