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I feel like we're going to have to start checking in more frequently now, since our tickers are reaaally getting down there.  How are you all feeling?  Is anyone else nervous at all?  I don't know why but today I am all of a sudden WAY nervous and stressed. 


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    Oops just made a new thread without seeing this one. It's called "pulling my hair out." I'm sure you can guess how I'm feeling!
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    I am stressed.... but good stress.

    I go for a facial with Mom @ 4 today then dinner for FFIL(yesterday) and FBIL's (our wedding day) birthday @ 6:15.

    I am still waiting to confirm the exact time of my interview for next week.... The lady needs to call me back. Don't say I'll be in touch and not call back.

    I don't have much left to do. Sent BP the day of timeline as well as a note saying " HEY THIS IS WHAT I NEED YOU TO DO"

    I am so excited that my videographer is so great and willing to give me a 2nd guy FREE! Since he did that I could afford adding an extra hour to the beginning so they are there when I am getting ready not just fro Ceremony and Reception.

    Mom and Dad have been emotional lately so that is wearing on me but I know it is because they are stressed too. Chamomile Tea every night has been a bautiful thing!
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    I wish I was having "good" stress BBB!  I'm way jealous of your facial appointment.  Sounds like th ings are ready to go for you!!

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