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April 2012 Weddings

Wedding colors

We had ours picked out months ago (well, the main colors at least) and now my BF is saying something completely different. He says he wants red & black but those aren't what WE originally chose. Our first thoughts were to have black & blue with another color or 2 for flowers, etc. 

I asked him why he wants to change them now & he says that he's not changing anything since we never set anything in stone. I explained that the wedding's about US, so it should be colors WE both want. Blue is my fave & black is his but red is his second fave. It's not that I don't want red at all but he's trying to exclude the blue altogether. He's being a groomzilla over this..lol! 

So my question is, anyone else have a FI/BF that's getting into details more than you expected?
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