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We have a date! October 22, 2011! :) Cannot wait!!
below is a pic of us popping open the champagne the day after we got engaged! Dont mind the silo cups...classy I know! :)
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Re: Save the Date

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    I see your FI is also a fan of the nipple exposing cut off t-shirts. ;)
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    Congrats! I love that's BF"s birthday :)
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    LOL yes..him and his dang cut-offs!  That is a habit I dont see me breaking! :)
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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles member
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    Yay! I love October weddings :D

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    does anyone know why my countdown clicker wont work? I copied and pasted it in the signature thingy..but im still new so maybe im doing something wrong.

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    Congrats!  :)

    I can not help with the ticker... usually that is all that you have to do, but I've never had a ticker on this particular site.
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  • breezerbbreezerb member
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    Congrats hun!

    Love the date, I have a thing for even numbers :)
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    Congrats on having a date! I know that's a good feeling. I love October. Yay!
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    Congrats on setting a date! And another October bride, awesome. Ours is Oct. 30th, 2011. :D

    Running buddies are forevah.


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    thanks girls! :) I love the positive posts!! :)
    Im hoping for some beautiful changing of the leaves here in Illinois around that date! Good thing my man is a farmer (I figured he would know what weekend would be better) they seem to know everything ...hence the Farmers almanac I suppose! Ok, so is it 5 yet?! I am dying to get out of work and see my Fiance again for the first time since it happened! Weeeeeee

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    Congrats!  That will be a beautiful time for a wedding.
  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Congrats, hun!!

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