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A reflection

Warning - I'm exhausted and this is late night so please excuse and grammar errors or run-on, rambling sentences!  Now . . .

Well ladies, we've just almost finished a late night pack for Lake Powell and I started thinking back to the past year.  Last year at this time I was still new to the board.  Also, last year on July 7th I cut my hand open and did some serious nerve and tendon damage - bad enough to need surgery three days before we left for Powell.  I came straight here - the the NEY board - and told you all about it.  Even though many of you didn't know me super well, I was overwhelmed with the hugs, good vibes and overall amazing support I received. 
That meant the world to me.  I feel like that experience is really what kept me here on this board for the past year - at the time I truly remember feeling like I was making real friends from internet strangers. 
You'll all been there every step of the way since . . . when I couldn't fly for three months and was miserable.  When I had to finally learn to ask FI (then BF) for help - and accept it graciously.  You were there when I was on the verge of BSC.  There when we went to Kauai and he didn't propose there even though he wanted to buy HIS ring there.  You were there when we went ring shopping together and even helped us make that decision.  And then, finally, you were all there when my Grandmother died and FI proposed a few days later. 
And now, just over a year later, I'm really excited about going on my third Lake Powell trip with FI's family (and not having an injury this year!), really excited about marrying my amazing man in a couple months, and I'm REALLY excited about the true, amazing friends I've made.  I've been lucky enough to meet several of you IRL and I've made some definite BFFLs (is that the right acronym?).  Despite our board's ups and downs and ins and outs, I have thouroughly enjoyed every single second of my time here.  Hell, I don't even really post on any other boards, even though I'm almost an OMH like Tarra and Tiger and lots of others of you who started here NEY and are now married off! 

Anyway, all that rambling is to say THANK YOU ALL for your friendship, your support in the sucky times, and helping me to celebrate in the good times.  I've been so insanely busy at work that I haven't had much time to post lately but that doesn't mean I'm not checking in and posting when I can!  I won't have the interwebs over the week (except for my phone tomorrow) and I'm really gonna miss you girls while I'm gone!!  See you all soon!!

PS - TK, if you eat this, you're dead to me!

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    Aw Meg, you sure know how to get a girl all choked up before 8am! Have an amazing time while you're away and come back with lots of pictures for us!

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    We love you too Meg.  Have a fantastic vacation, take lots of pictures, and please try not to injure yourself :-)
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    I'll do my best!!  (on the pictures and no injury parts!)
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    I remember when you were just a not engaged little newb.  Now you're almost married.  You guys just grow up so fast.
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    You're an awesome girl, Meg, and we love you, too! :) Have a wonderful vacation and be safe!
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    <3 this!

    Have a great time on vacation!!!


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    I think you're awesome, Meg. I really admire your career, and it's been so cool getting to know you. 

    I feel the same way about this board. These ladies have already been there for me through a lot of stuff, and I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. You better not, either!

    Have an awesome vacation, and try to relax at least a little! :)
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    I'm still fairly new but can relate a lot with what you said. This board is like a warm hug mixed with a cold shower. They help wake you up and clear your head when your going crazy, but always there when you need them. :)
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    Love you Meggggg!! I feel the same way. I wouldn't have made it this far without you ladies, that's for damn sure. Have a wonderful vacation!! xoxo


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    Meg, I love you.  I'm glad you joined the board.  You're super awesome.
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