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My company officially announces layoffs. Yuck.

My conference call is in an hour where they will be spelling out who's gone.  I was told a few weeks ago that my job was safe, but you never know with big corporations and if that changed.

With all the Sandy updates, it does put it in perspective and I do know there are much worse things that I could be dealing with today.  My family on the East Coast is ok, and many others aren't.  I am grateful for that and sorry for all whose lives changed forever. 

This day is just a little too gloomy for me!  I need some happiness!

How about you ladies?  How's your day?
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Re: 57 minutes until...

  • I'm so sorry that your company is going through layoffs Suzie. Hopefully your job is safe. I'll keep you in my thoughts today. Please let us know how your meeting goes. We're here for you!

    My family is all safe and sound after Sandy we have a lot to be thankful for there.
  • Yikes!  That's scary!  Let us know when you find out!

    My day is going as well as can be so far today.  I'm at work, but it's a quiet morning so I'm just killing time.  Nothing to complain about.
  • Please keep us posted on how the layoffs go. I am sure you are safe!

    Survived the storm last night and only lost power for about 3 hours.


  • Thanks Allusive!  I'll update after the call.  I really like my team so no matter what it will be sad.  I hate that its so close to the holidays.  We had a small downsize in January, that didn't feel as awful.  I think its just this time of year that makes it a little worse.

    Glad your family is safe!  I've been checking here all morning to distract myself and look for updates from our East Coasters, as well. 
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  • That's a nerve wracking conference call.  I really hope that you're job is safe and not too many people are let go.

    My day just started and so far I so good but I still have 8 hours left to go....
  • Eeek, so stressful!  Keep is updated as to what happens; I'll be sending you positive vibes.
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  • Crossing my fingers for you!

    It is starting to get really windy here from Sandy. They are also evacuating some towns near Lake Michigan as the waves are supposed to be huge.

    My boss is currently undergoing a heart procedure since he had bad results from his stress test. Apparently it is a very common procedure and they may to have put stents in, but everyone is a little off today knowing what he is going through right now.


  • My job is still safe.  All phone calls were made yesterday to each individual who was getting let go so they didn't hear it for the first time on a mass conference call.

    My local team is still in tact through the end of the year, and then they will make changes. They haven't said what those will be or if that means another cut. We were the division with the smallest cuts, which makes it a little easier.

    There are a lot of unanswered questions, but for now I still have a job.  So I can be very thankful for that today.
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  • Glad to hear it, Suzie!
  • Thanks for all the positive vibes ladies!  I appreciate it.

    Danser- Glad to hear you guys made it through without anything major.

    Stina- I'll send my own good vibes your bosses way.  My dad has had the procedure done too many times over the years.  Even though they say its simple, it still is scary!
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  • I finally got back to this post to check on you...and i'm so glad to hear you're SAFE and that most of your team is still intact! I'm sorry that this may be coming back around again in a couple months, but at least you know more may be coming this time and you'll have some time to prepare for that possibility.

    Also, I'm glad each individual was talked to privately before the conference call...but why not in person? I don't know what kind of work you're in so maybe that is perfectly normal...but I think it would be upsetting to be told over the phone. Not that it's fun to get layed off in any fashion...
  • Allusive-  I'm in outside sales and actually don't have a "local" office.  My corporate office is based on the East Coast and the sales force covers the US.  Because so many of us cover large geographies and there were both the financial and time constraints the layoff was done under, all of the notifications were done over the phone.  I agree it would be a little easier to have them done in person.  I believe all the home office layoffs were done in person.   I've been in the industry 10+ years and this is how most layoffs in our industry are handled.
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  • I'm glad you didn't get laid off and your team is still intact.  Layoffs are so horrible :/  

    I feel like I got run over by a bus right now but I am working on feeling better, I have tea and I am going to eat something.  Today has been crazy, I was up until 2 working on my paper for tomorrow.  I need to finish studying for my midterm, finish my paper and do other various homework. 
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