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silly question for marrieds

I know it's normal to not get everything on your registry, I'm ok with that. When you figured out what you did want to complete sets of (for example, dishes) did you go fill the set yourself?

I am trying to decide what I would rather have all of: the dishes, the kitchen aid stuff, or bedding. If you could pick, which 2 of those 3 big ticket items/sets would you pick? If you picked the dishes, how many place settings would you buy for (6,8,10,12?)

Re: silly question for marrieds

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    I made sure we had the dishes (12 pcs).  I would think the bedding next, and then maybe the KitchenAid stuff as you get extra money later, or for birthday/Christmas gifts.
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    Well...we didn't really register for that much stuff (seriously, we had like 30 items), so we actually got most of it with the exception of decor items, so I'm no help there (because we still haven't bought any of that stuff).

    If I had to choose though, I'd probably say dishes and bedding.
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    I'd go dishes. I really like having matching dishes, and it's something you'll keep/use for a really long time. I'd probably get at least 8, but more likely 10 or 12 unless the cost will really be too much. That way when you have kids and entertain your family you'll have enough. 

    I know my Grandma helped my Mom complete her 12 place setting set at anniversaries and birthdays over the course of many years (she bought all that was needed to complete it at once, and then gave parts at different occasions [of course, not every occasion by any means, but sometimes] until it was done). Maybe a close friend or family member would want to help you out that way? (If there's a tactful way to ask? Not sure on that.)

    Bedding you can probably find something that is a close match later on for less, or just continue using what you've been using. KitchenAid? Meh. 
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    I'd say bedding then dishes. Our dishes are all in good shape and matching. I really want more bedsets though. It really depends on what you need/want more. We haven't registered yet but I already do know that we are going to be registering for lots of kitchen stuff, cause we need it. 

    So I think I would go bedding, kitchen aid stuff, and then dishes.
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    We got our dishes from a thrift store. None of them match, and we like it that way. So dishes... not so much. Our asses don't even sit at a table to eat food.

    I'd go for bedding, but I guess we don't really match on that either. I just want nice sheets that clean better than the low thread count ones we have now. So... sheets. I'd do sheets.

    Man, I'm gonna be a shitty bride. All you ladies are all fancy-schmancy and our home is like Animal House or the Thunderdome.

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    I would do bedding and the kitchen aid.  But I don't give a crap about plates... so there is that too.
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    We got our dishes, with service for 6. And we bought our down comforter (someone got us the duvet, but not the comforter). 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: silly question for marrieds</a>:
    [QUOTE]<strong>I'm not married but I'd say dishes first (but I HATE when dishes don't really, really bothers me) and I'd get a service for at the very least 8. Second I'd choose bedding because again non-matching bugs me but I know I'm weird. </strong>KitchenAid I feel is more of a fun kitchen gadget than a necessity so I'd save that for last.
    Posted by LivLeighton[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this! KitchenAid = awesome but my annoyance of non-matching dishes/bedding would win out.

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    We had a really small registry--no dishes or anything. H bought most of the remaining registry items for me for Christmas. I got my hurricane glasses, hostess set, and iced tea spoons. I had no idea he was going to do that, and it was pretty cool.
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    I'm most annoyed about our dish situation - they are a hodge podge of my college classic cheap stuff, plastic ware, and chipped partial set his mom gave us.  It has bothered me that not only do they not match... we have to use plastic plates if we have more than 7 people over. So dishes are first - service for 12, including a serving bowl, a platter, a sauce bowl, and 12 all every day bowls (cereal or soup size).

    I won't have enough $ for a complete set of the kitchen aid or bedding, but I know that stuff goes super cheap on Memorial day and black Friday. I'll save the gift cards for those holidays and see what I can do with it.

    I'm super impatient, I just want it all done!!
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    Yup, dishes first, and I'd go for 12 person place settings. Even if you never have 12 people for dinner, you will have extras as inevitably pieces break or whatever. Sometimes it's hard to find the exact same set to buy replacements. Plus, you get those completion discounts now.

    Then bedding.

    Then anything else.

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    Dishes were low priority on my registry list... and they were one of the first things purchased lol.

    Of course, FI and I already have our "everyday" dishes, which are plain white but still a complete set.  I only registered for dishes in the first place so that I could decorate our dinette set with them.  I got service for 4.

    So the KitchenAid stuff would be my first buy if I were you.
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    If it were me and BF I'd vote Bedding, KitchenAid then dishes. There's nothing I love more than crawling into a bed with a nice down duvet, a really nice duvet cover and high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Especially when said sheets are freshly washed and put on the bed. Dishes would be last since we already have an 16 piece set of every day dishes (BF and I had the same every day dishes before we even met, which was nice when we moved in together) and an 8 piece set of nicer dishes. If I ever felt the need for fine China my mom is 15 minutes away and has 16 place settings that she'd lend me. But then again, you might have different thoughts on what your priorities are, and may not have china you can borrow or whatever.
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