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Prayers/vibes needed

Last night sucked. It started out fun, but I had a cold and was tired around 11 so I drove home. My neighborhood is very close, and we're all like a family. I came home to find tons of ambulances, fire trucks, and multiple police cars at my next door neighbors house.  One of my neighbors, Norma, died.  She was an elderly lady, and I was really close to her. My whole neigborhood is extremely sad.  One of my other neighbors had a party last night, and Norma had attended it. I talked to her for a while, and when I asked 'how are you?' she said, "Still tickin'!" She seemed totally fine and she was so happy. She was eating everything she loved to eat, and with all of the people who loved her. She left around 10:45, and my mom  helped her get back to her house. My mom walked home and turned on the tv and after literally 10 minutes she could hear the sirens.  It's so crazy how quickly a life can end. 

So anyways, if you could just send vibes/prayers to her family and the other neighbors, that would be really apprecitated.

Although we're all really sad, I am really glad she died in such a good way. She spent her evening with everyone who she loved and had such a great time and died so suddenly. I swear, things always seem to happen around the holidays.
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