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Wisdom teeth suck.

Has anybody had their wisdom teeth removed? I couldn't fall asleep last night because my bottom ones were just aching and bothering me.

My dentist told me I need to get them removed because my jaw is too small for them to grow in, and I was hoping to have them removed over the summer but they couldn't fit me in.

Sooooo I decided to postpone having them removed until next summer. I'm now regretting that decision. I really don't want to have them taken out during the school year, but I could see if Christmas holidays would work (that sounds depressing though) or my reading week in February?

Should I just buy a teething ring in the meantime?

Re: Wisdom teeth suck.

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    Your mom sucks!

    Ok, not really. I personally had mine out over a long weekend, so I think you could skip Friday classes and get them out. I will caviot that with the fact I did not swell at all and was eating normally two days later. It was not working with my diet plan at all. mutter mutter.

    Rub some brandy on your gums. I hear it works for little ones.
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  • Ana_2985Ana_2985 member
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    I had mine taken out.  If they're hurting you I wouldn't wait until next summer.  Has your dentist mentioned whether or not your wisdom could mess up your other teeth?  I'd be worried about that.

    As long as you're careful and nothing gets infected, you could easily have them out during the school year and only miss a day or two.  Like maybe schedule it for Thursday and take Friday - Sunday to recover.  You might still be sore early the following week but not so much that you'd have to miss class.

    That's what I would recommend but you should definitely talk to you dentist about that.
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  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    [QUOTE]I had mine taken out.  If they're hurting you I wouldn't wait until next summer.  Has your dentist mentioned whether or not your wisdom could mess up your other teeth?  I'd be worried about that. As long as you're careful and nothing gets infected, you could easily have them out during the school year and only miss a day or two.  Like maybe schedule it for Thursday and take Friday - Sunday to recover.  You might still be sore early the following week but not so much that you'd have to miss class. That's what I would recommend but you should definitely talk to you dentist about that.
    Posted by Ana_2985[/QUOTE]

    Ana, I think that's what I'm going to do. It crossed my mind last night that I could mess up my teeth if I waited since she did say there isn't any room for them to come in. My bottom ones have started coming in really quickly.

    I have fridays off all year (yes!) so I wouldn't even miss that day. I've heard some horror stories, but honestly you girls are probably right and it isn't even a big deal at all.

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    I've had my wisdom teeth pulled out, not too long ago.  Anyway, they knocked me out and I woke up, and it was over. It was really a fairly easy surgery.  They gave me Vicodin and I didn't even use it. The pain was not bad at all. The only thing that sucked, was my whole tongue was swollen for a few hours after the surgery AND I couldn't eat solid food for 3 days. I almost died (jk). But really, just schedule it on a Friday because you'll need at least two days for recovery.
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  • breezerbbreezerb member
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    I think the ladies are right. I would get them out before next summer for sure.  I had mine taken out on a Friday and I was back to normal be Monday with only a small complication so it wasn't too bad.  Lots of Jello and chicken noodle soup for a couple days and then all is back to normal :)

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  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    I have all mine out, but my dentist pulled them right in the office. However, mine weren't coming in weird at all. My dentist suggested having them out while I was still covered by insurance since they will cause problems much later (they weren't going to come in as high as my other teeth and tooth brushing would be an issue, so cavities).

    I think you'd be fine getting them out during the school year based on mine and my friend's experiences (who did have surgery). As long as you schedule it for later in the week, talk to your teachers/professors and try not to have it around midterm or exam time I think you'd be fine.

    As pps stated, be careful that waiting longer won't mess up your other teeth,
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    I had braces from age 6-13 (yeah, it sucked) and had perfect teeth.  My wisdom teeth came in my sophomore year of high school and I waited nearly a year.  Now I have to get braces on again because they really messed up my bottom teeth.  All 4 wisdom teeth were impacted (meaning hadn't broken the skin) and I was put under full sedation, so basically as bad as these surgeries get.  They had to break up the tooth into pieces to pull it out since there wasn't room otherwise, so my jaw was sore from the chisel they used.  And I'd still say a long weekend is plenty of time!

    Don't wait.  Seriously!  Professors understand this isn't a joyful vacation, so they're likely to give you a bit of leeway.  Perhaps over Colombus Day weekend in October - do you get that Monday off?  Take Friday off, get them done Friday morning and you'll have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to rest?  By the end of the 3rd day, I was eating a hamburger and was more or less fine, so though you'll probably not be 100%, you'd definitely be able to go back to class on Tuesday.  Even if it's just a normal week, take a Thursday and Friday, or Friday and Monday off and you should be fine!

    If your dentist can't fit you in, call your insurance and see if you can find someone else to do it.  Also, be sure to check online to see if there are any reviews of the doctor, or talk to friends who have had it (be sure their doctor takes your insurance first) to get a referral.
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    I got mine out over thanksgiving break in high-school.  I believe it was a total of 5 days.  I still had minor swelling in my jaw.  I would definitely get them out.  Catemeg is dead on.  Mine were growing in diagonal.
  • leia1979leia1979 member
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    Definitely don't wait if they hurt. Mine never hurt, but at the age of 21 the dentist said to get them out before they started to mess up my other teeth. Mine were impacted, so they put me under sedation for the surgery. I had mine taken out over spring break. Vicodin and mashed potatoes were my friends for a few days.

    For right now, I'd suggest Orajel, Numzit or some other gum-numbing agent for the pain. But definitely don't wait too long to schedule an appointment.
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    Get it done ASAP! Waiting will only FI waited over a year to get his done and it sucked for him. Not only did he get the four wisdoms removed but their was a cyst and a 5th tooth in there someone (?!). I don't remember all of the details but I'd say that's pretty much worst case scenario. He got his done on a Friday and went back to work on Tuesday.

    I agree with what Cate said about Monday holidays. If not, could you talk to your professors and see which days would be the best to skip for it? I'm sure they'd understand
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    I'm one lucky gal, I don't have wisdom teeth.  The dentist gave me the good news, he came in and said "Lyn, you have been spared, I looked at the x-rays and it seems you don't have wisdom teeth" to that if I could I would have gotten up and danced.  But I had several contraptions sitting on my chest and tubes around and knew it be a BAD idea.  I'm sorry that yours are bothering you.  I think getting them out now is better, I witnessed my older sister's pain when she had her s out.  Tomato soup and mashed potatoes for a week.  She could only eat the mashed potatoes by smooshing it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue to soften it.  
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    We don't celebrate Columbus Day in Canada. My next holiday Monday is Thanksgiving weekend (which is October here!) I think I'll try phoning today and seeing if I could book for a Thursday/Friday sometime.

    It sounds like most people had a decent experience with it, so I'm sure I'll be fine. Missing class on a Monday wouldn't be too bad, because I only have french that day. French = skippable.

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    I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out when I was 15. 2 one week, 2 the following week (and yes, it was during Christmas). The first two were infected. I would get it done now if it's really bothering you. You get good drugs (although I didn't touch them). I also had cheeseburgers after I got them removed. I'm weird.
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    I had my top 2 wisdom teeth removed when I was 17 (over Christmas break from HS).  They had grown in enough that the dentist was able to pull them.  My bottom 2 weren't surfacing and a couple years later they still hadn't, so dentist decided to leave them alone, they weren't causing any further damage at that point (my orthodontist left my bottom permanent retainer on 2 years too long and caused my front bottom teeth to be a bit stair-step - ugg, don't have any desire to get them fixed at this point).

    The right bottom wisdom tooth decided to shock the dental world and start to surface when I was about 27 or so, I think - it grew just a small part and stopped.  It never bothered me, but over the years I had a couple dentists suggest I get it pulled. 

    I haven't had insurance for over 2 years now, so I ended up having to pay cash to have it done.  Since it wasn't in enough to be pulled, I did have to go to an oral surgeon.  He agreed the left one didn't need to come out (it's so far under the surface and was straight, so he wasn't worried about it).  It would have been almost double the cost to be put under for the procedure and I just couldn't afford it, so I ended up being awake for the entire procedure (I have severe TMJ, so I was really concerned this would aggravate it as I've had my jaw lock out of place for 2 months was sore and achy for a few weeks, but that's it).  He numbed me up extra, but I guess I just have super sensitive nerves and he just about had to scrape me off the ceiling when he first started drilling.  But he just put some more numbing stuff and went back at it and all was fine. 

    I had my surgery on a Friday morning (like 7 am) this past April - I ate a lot of jello, mashed potatoes, refried beans and mac & cheese that weekend and was pretty much eating solid foods by Monday and Tuesday (just being careful on the right side).

    As for the pain to relieve until you have the surgery (I saw your other post that you're scheduled now), get some baby orajel - not the adult kind.  The baby kind is supposed to numb quicker, which will allow time for your tylenol or motrin to take affect.
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    I had four removed at once, all impacted and turned really screwy ways. The dentist looked at them and said, "You should really gets these out very soon. They're already going to be difficult to remove as it is."

    Definitely don't wait. Even though they already exist chances are they have not fully formed yet, and the longer you wait the bigger they'll get and that's when the surgery ends up sucking.

    After having mine out I was "lucky" and took about two weeks to recover fully from it. I couldn't eat solids or open my mouth for a big spoon for the whole two weeks. As a result, I can no longer even look at yogurt. I was even luckier because that's when we learned that Vicodin has absolutely no effect on me. No pain killing, no drowsiness. Squat. Grr.

    However, I am in the tiniest of minority. Most people are fine in a few days, and most people's Vicodin works.

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    funny, i just had my right side, top and bottom removed on tuesday. trust me, its worth it. i was in extreme pain for the first 2 days, but they give you strong painkillers and it definitely took the edge off, i couldnt feel a thing. the next two days i took extra strength tylenol, by friday i wasnt taking anything and im in no pain whatsoever.

    the top one was just pulled out, and the bottom had to be cut out, and theres a few stitches down there.

    theyll also give you antibiotics, make sure you watch when you have sex, it makes bc ineffective.
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    i'm a dental hygienist, i had mine out at 19  on my reading week and went to a concert two days later, but some people do swell and usually doesnt last too long (3 days max). occasionally people get pain after called dry socket (the clot dislodge from the surgery sites) but go to your dentist/surgeon right away and its an immediate easy fix.
    i would book it for sooner rather then later, ususally with oral surgeons you need a consult then the actual surgery appt. and there is a huge chance they will push your front teeth (bottom and top) out of postition if you wait too long.
    if you live in southern ontario (toronto/durham/waterloo) i can give you some oral surgeon suggestions, but im sure the guy your dentist reccomended is really good!

    and as for pain relief, advil over tylenol, and numbing creams/gels dont really work, ice packs pressed against your face are good!

    hope you can get some relief and get thoe bad boys out quickly!
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    Yeah, be careful not to get a dry socket, but honestly I didn't touch the pain killers, they make me nauseous.  I just had Tylenol and I spent the whole first two days going, "This isn't so bad!  What do people complain about?"  My Mom wanted to hit me, I think, since she hated having her wisdom teeth out.

    But don't use a straw for the first several weeks for ANYTHING, don't blow on your food (airflow in or out quickly can tear the scabs and cause a dry socket).  Don't eat anything too hot.  And this is one they don't tell you but I learned the hard way - don't eat popcorn for several MONTHS.  I got a piece of a kernal stuck in one of the openings and it got infected.  That was the worst part of the whole thing.
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  • Bec20Bec20 member
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    Lyn, I'm the same as you: no wisdom teeth.  However, I was also missing both of my upper canines and a lower tooth as well (the canines were pulled, the baby tooth on the bottom is still there).  So in my case, I'm missing 7 teeth... the widom teeth are definitely good to not have though.

    Sorry I don't have any advice.  I wouldn't wait a full year to get the teeth out, because it might mess up your other teeth if they did happen to come in.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    Cate - i don't feel sad about the popcorn, because I don't like popcorn anyways!

    Thanks for all the advice! There are so many little things I never would have thought of that the dentist hasn't covered with me yet.

    Bree - That's so weird that you mentioned Southern Ontario, because that is where I'm from! My dentist is great though, and she found one she recommended and I trust her :) Thanks anyways!

    I booked my extraction for September 17th at 8am. I don't have classes on Fridays, so I'm hoping it goes well! I'm not too worried about it. I just want to get it done. I'll only be one week into the school year, so I shouldn't be too busy then either.

    Thanks again!

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