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Best steak of my life!! (:

Long story......

So Friday was the 10-month mark for BF and me. Yes.... we always celebrate our "monthiversaries"; we're weird like that, lol. The plan was to go out to dinner and celebrate... but since it's a Friday and we're both Seventh-Day Adventists that was going to be a bit complicated. So I didn't know what was going to happen, until mid-week, my boss comes up to me and tells me I could take a few hours off on Friday since I was going to have to come in on a Sunday.... I thought, perfect!!! Little did I know this was no chance event....

Friday morning, I get surprised by a beautiful flower arrangement and a gift at my office.... my BF called it the second of the "wonderfully unexpected" details of the day (the first being the horrible weather)... because I was not in my office all morning, so I had to wait til after lunch to actually see the flowers/gift that awaited me in my office.... 

I get out of work early, as planned... get home to get ready for our early dinner... open the gift and find a beautiful dress.... purple, because my BF thinks I look great in purple... which reminds me of BF's insistance in getting a purple shirt on Black Friday... hmmm.... And here comes the third in the "wonderfully unexpected" series hehehe.... the dress is really not at all suitable to the horrible weather... so I end up wearing something else (but also purple).

He takes me to a very nice steakhouse and as we're getting off the car, I notice he has two gift bags with him... as soon as we  are seated, he hands me the first gift, which is a book I had been looking for like crazy. I thought that was super sweet that he actually went and found it for me. The second gift he teased me with the whole night.... 

So we have our steaks... and I'm no kidding, that was the BEST steak I've ever had! But what comes next makes it even more special! hehee. After dessert, he comes over to my side of the table and gets something from the gift bag.... his videocamera. My face is like "o.O uhmm, okay".... but then he shows me a video he took at my house, of a "conversation" he had with my mom. Funny thing is... my BF speaks no Spanish and my mother speaks very little English. The video starts off with my very confused and serious-looking mom listening to a letter my BF is reading as best as he can... in Spanish... where in a very sweet way, he's asking for her permission to marry me. That was the sweetest thing ever.... to listen to how they both spoke about me.... I felt like the most loved woman in the world! :')

At the end of the video, my then BF began a beautiful speech about how now that he became a new person in Christ he couldn't see a purpose to his new life without me in it... the rest of it is like a blur to me, all I know is that his words melted my heart, and then he said he had one last gift for me and a question to ask me.... he got a box out of the gift bag and was going to begin his question, but then, cute as he is, he said "Wait, I don't think I'm doing this right"... got down on one knee, opened the box with a beautiful ring in it, and asked me to marry him! I think I nodded... and then remembered I was supposed to actually answer, so I said Yesssss! And that was one of the happiest moments of my life!! 

Then my fiancé (yessssssss, fiancé!!!!!) and I went to spread the news, first to his family and then to mine.... and the evening was spent posing for pictures, receiving hugs, making phone calls, answering texts, and of course.... updating our facebook status.... because we all know that you're not really engaged until facebook says you're engaged, right?! o.O LOL.

I'm engaged to the love of my life!!!!! Wow, I still can't believe it!! And now comes the fun part....... where to start?!!

Re: Best steak of my life!! (:

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