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Could this be an option for my chair dilema? PIP

This the back lawn of the little ranch house we'd like to rent in a state park for our casual, small wedding (aka NOT formal).  Meals were going to be buffet/picnic table style.  Then I saw this photo from their Facebook page of people sitting on the tiered rocks.  Could this work?

My options for seating for the ceremony were:

a) Rent a UHaul in our town along with 40 chairs from a company, drive the chairs in 2 hours, pay for 72 hours worth since chairs we'll be up there for the weekend (chair rental per 24 hours).

b) Ask if the church in our location has spare chairs to rent off their property (cannot get anyone to answer and I've been calling them for a week!) Not even sure since I'm not a member.

c) Have people sit on these rocks as demonstrated in this photo. Get some quilts for cushiness?

I haven't assessed it in real life just yet. 
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