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Monday Accountability

My weekend was a little splurgy - I was home for the weekend for my cousin's shower, but I still managed to go for a run on Saturday and was only 13 calories over my goal yesterday.  I showed some serious restraint at breakfast.

B - Egg whites and cheddar on a skinny wheat bagel from Au Bon Pain, tea w/ milk (280 cals)
L - Hmm not sure.  Salad, maybe
D - FI wants to do tacos.  I'll find a way to make it healthy.

S - Greek yogurt 

E - running on the treadmill for ~30-40 minutes

Re: Monday Accountability

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    B- tea, yogurt with banana
    L-pad thai with broccoli and tofu
    S- apple, may be
    D- leftovers sweet potato fries and veggie pita
    S- wine canteloupe and watermelon, and grapes fruit mix.

    E- not sure if I will get in any today.


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    B- bowl of Quaker oatmeal squares, skim milk, cup of raspberry zinger tea
    S- watermelon
    L- chicken and thai noodles Lean Cuisine
    D- sushi night! tuna and avocado roll, miso soup, jello dark chocolate pudding

    E- I've walked around with the dog for about 45 minutes so far and I'll probably get another half hour in.  Unfortunately, I'm still in a lot of pain so I only made it about 5 minutes into my new Xtend Barre DVD.
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    My weekend went pretty well.  I ran 3 miles on Saturday and another 2 miles on Sunday.  In terms of eating, I did pretty well, but I did splurge on a slice of cake at my friend's birthday dinner.  You just can't turn down a slice of cake, right?

    B: berry smoothie, bagel thin with 1 tbs of peanut butter
    L: Chips with cheese and salsa
    S: protein bar and fruit
    D: tofu stir fry

    E: lifting
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    Last week I was on vacation and I'm so lucky I didn't gain anything. FH and I ran 4 miles every morning, went bike riding, kayaking, surfing, and etc throughout the day but basically ate whatever we wanted with some restraint. I kind of was hoping to lose some weight, but I didn't. 

    Breakfast: 4 egg whites with a little ketchup, 1 slice of mulitgrain bread and 1 medium red plum (270 cal)

    Snack: Nature Valley bar (170 cal)

    Lunch: most of a Muscle Maker grill Turkey Taco salad (350 cal)

    Snack: Large banana and some peanuts (200 cal)

    Dinner: 6 oz of chicken and lots of veggies (350 cal)

    Exercise: Bike riding and kettle bell workout with FH

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