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More Prayers Please...

Some of you might remember last year I had a girlfriend who lost tons of weight, wasn't eating and wound up in the hospital with a bacterial infection in her heart. She was put on heavy meds and cleared the infection. She's been working out, eating right and has really recovered well. She even started dating again recently!

Well yesterday was her 6 month check-up...and it wasn't such good news. Apparently there was some damage done to her aorta during the infection. She's not currently showing any symptoms, but it sounds like this is a serious problem. She will likely have to have open heart surgery (at age 27) within the next couple months. She has an appointment tomorrow to lay out a course of action, but she's nervous and scared.

Can you please keep her in your thoughts & prayers this week ladies? She's already been through so much (also lost her mom at age 22) and I really want to help her through this.

Re: More Prayers Please...

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    That is so scary! I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

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    That sounds scary and like a lot to deal with. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend!
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    Thanks ladies. I was all "it's going to be just fine" on the phone yesterday...but the idea of open heart surgery at any age is scary. I cannot imagine how she's feeling right now. I'm sure the T&P will help!
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    Oh my gosh, how awful! Your friend (and you) are in my prayers.
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    That sucks! I'm glad they caught it and that she's doing better on her diet and exercise though. That can only help. T'sand P's sent for her!
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    Prayers for your friend. That is a lot to deal with.

    Just an FYI for her when she starts to really look at her options-they just started doing minimally invasive Aortic Valve Replacements (don't know if that is even what she would need done, but just in case). They don't do them a lot of places yet, but my BFF from highschool's grandfather just had one, and he did great. I didn't even know it was possible to do, so I did some research, and it looks like they've had really good results. Just something for her to look into if she's a candidate.
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    jorja - thanks for the tip! I believe they are just going to "patch her up" by putting a tissue patch on her aorta where the wall has thinned. I really don't know what I'm talking about though! I'm emailing her right now so she can ask these questions at her appointment tomorrow.
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    I'll keep you & your friend in my T&P, Allusive!

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    T&Ps headed her way (and yours!)
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    Wow.  That's rough.  I'll absolutely keep her in my T&P.
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    I will be praying.  *hugs*  You are a good friend Allusive.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Allusive. I will her in my thoughts and prayers.


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    If it's at all reassuring- a friend of mine just had valve replacement surgery due to a bacterial infection last spring (and maybe an underlying heart condition). He's 25 and is recovering really well. He's not allowed to work for a while and has to be cautious about physical activity while he's recovering, but is expected to be able to live a really normal life once recovery is over. My grandfather had a similar valve replacement and did well with it (until his underlying condition caught up with him, but it was birth defect related). 
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