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What are you getting SO for the Holidays?


Re: What are you getting SO for the Holidays?

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    My co-workers were hassling me because they think that buying him an electric shaver is 'for old married people!' lol They think I should buy him something fun... but he's so hard to buy for!! He's not a brand-whore, he's not very stylish and he's more practical (like me)... So, I figured I'd buy him something he doesnt have but could totally use... So, the Norelco Sensotouch 2D is it!! lol
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    We just bought ourselves a new (huge) TV. We also are taking a really long and semi-expensive trip to see both our families for Christmas. . . so we've been on a spending spree (well, spree for us). . . so I'm not sure if we're doing presents this year. Also our anniversary is tomorrow (!) and we're going to celebrate this weekend by going to the museum and fancy dinner :) Who needs gifts? lol
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    -KitchenAid Standup Mixer.  He's been whining for one for over a year.
    -cheap wallet
    -long-sleeve shirt
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    We agreed not to get anything but of course we broke that. I got him a NY Jets jersey (Revis, #24) and he got me a new GPS because mine died and I had a panic attack (so he was forced to give me that gift early).

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    I got him a canoe.  He has wanted one forever and he has all these romantic ideas of painting it.  :)  It's cute.  I will get him some other small things.  I really want to spend more but I guess I will have to wait till January to do anything.

    P.S. no the canoe is not new... I couldn't afford that... 0.o

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    [QUOTE]I'm not sure yet...something small + a BJ.
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    Thus far, I've gotten him:

    - a chess board that uses shot glasses instead of pawns
    - a chili cookbook
    - a DVD
    - a Disney coffee cup (tradition with us)

    I'm still looking for one or two more small things...we're trying to keep within a reasonable budget this year, with the wedding coming up.

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    We're trying not to go too big but so far I've got:
    -2X swim trunks and t-shirts (he wanted new swim stuff!)
    - PS3 recharger dock

    I also want to get a game or two, and some more little things.

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