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SQUEE! I haz a SS!

And she rocks my socks off!  No, really!

Check it out:

I'm not going to lie, there was a moment where I briefly thought it was an apron and my mind exploded in about 600 directions (I've been looking for the "right" apron for ages), but I'm TOTALLY stoked to have this AWESOME bag to carry around my Latin stuff! It's going to work so well for toting around school stuff when I'm teaching next semester!  This side says "I sing of arms and a man" and it's the first few words in the Aeneid.

Then there's MORE awesomeness because you flip it over... and it says:

 Exegi monumentum aere perennius, which means I have built a monument more lasting than bronze, and it's a line Horace wrote in an ode about his own literature. I think it's CRAZY appropriate since A) I like Horace, B) it's an awesome line, and C) isn't teaching an immortal kind of act anyway? :)  I also got a really neat activity book that talks about how to do some hands-on Roman activities.


I <3 my SS, and I want to know who she is so I can properly love her in the open.

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