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I was a lurker/snarker on NEY years ago when I was in a previous relationship. Is there anyone on here now that was around in 2006?

Re: 2006

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    I didn't join until 2008 when I was a bridesmaid for one of my nope!
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    I rejoined last fall when I was the maid of honor for my bff... didn't start lurking again until January
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    Not me!
    When you love someone, you can tell. When you're in love with someone, everyone else can tell.
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    i was but hell if i remember those days
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    Dude, I don't even remember if I knew what TK was in 2006. I'd been to very few weddings at the time. Of all siblings and cousins, I'm almost the oldest in my family on both sides, and that was my year of college graduation, so not many of my friends were getting hitched yet, either. And I certainly wasn't marriage-minded at the time, myself.
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    I joined the first time back in 2004... I can't remember what my username was back then.
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    I think I joined in 2007.

    ETA- I originally joined much earlier than that, but I was flamed so badly that I got mad, told everyone on NEY that they were "meaner than a video game forum," and GBCK'd. Then I came back after DH and I got an apartment together because I really thought he'd propose soon. I didn't act like an idiot and was somewhat accepted into the cool girls' club here.

    DH didn't propose for over a year after that.
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