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Tough Month Ahead...

So, BF is in the externship phase of his radiology program. He is working at a hospital this semester and will be rotating schedules. This month (starting tomorrow) BF will be working from 2pm - 10pm. My regular schedule is from 6am - 3:30pm. While I realize this will only be for a month, I'm completely bummed that I'll hardly be seeing him. We do dinner together most nights and always take an hour or so to snuggle/talk before bed. With this schedule, dinners and snuggle/talk time will be out of the question most nights.

I know a few of you are in long distance relationships, and i'm sure others of you have scheduling conflicts at times. How do you all cope? What keeps you distracted. I don't want to become a TV/movie addict this any suggestions to keep me occupied during the week would be wonderful!

Re: Tough Month Ahead...

  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    Try a new hobby or take more time to do one you've been neglecting.  FI has been in CA for almost 2 weeks (he flies home tonight), so I've been doing a lot of gardening. I find it both distracting and rewarding. I'll have to AW photos soon.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    I keep myself really involved with other things. I set up a schedule. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays I have a class at the gym each day. Wednesdays I also do some volunteering at church, Thursdays I go to bible study. Most Friday nights I'm either volunteering or going out. I make sure to schedule in time with a friend each week as well, plus I like a bit of family time.

    And I like to read a lot too. So I have my little routine, and it's great since BF is far away. But we can still text and keep in touch.

    See if there are any type of gym/fitness classes, or art workshops, other special events... anything like that! A couple weeks ago I got some featherlocks put in my hair because my favourite coffee shop was having an event where some salon stylists came in to do it! They're doing that again tomorrow so I'm going again. Look around for things like that and take some friends :)

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    FI and I had really opposite schedules for a while during finals season.  It sucks.

    The only thing you can do is text/call each other as much as you can during the day.  Make sure to schedule some snuggle/talk/sexy time together when your days are over...even if that means taking a nap in the afternoon to be awake for it. 

    And when it's all over, have a weekend of 24/7 couple time to catch back up.
  • lmwilberlmwilber member
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    I like to garden, learn to cook new things, go for long walks,do yoga, meditate, read, wander the library and have wine nights with my ladies. Its difficult then BF is out of town, but I also like missing him (and knowing that he misses me.) It will be an adjustment, but its a great time to try out new hobbies, and it will make your relationship stronger. 
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  • csousa1csousa1 member
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    For a while BF and I were working completely opposite schedules like that and it sucked. The one thing I will say is very important, because when you miss each other and are lonely you sometimes tend to gripe at each other, is to do the little things.
    BF would come home usually between 11 and 1 am, and I would make sure dinner had been made and was waiting for him to reheat and scarf it before bed. I didn't want him to have to fend for himself for something to eat at that time of night. It was also how I spent my time and distracted myself. I would watch a show on the Food Network that day and recreate it at night. Between shopping for what I needed and then taking the time to make it, it actually took up a good bit of my evening. And then I had a yummy thing for BF when he got home! In turn, he would wash the dishes every morning before he went to work, so that I wouldn't have them to do when I got home. Many times he would vac or mop the floor as well, or other little things that needed to be done.

    I also went out and bought us a little white board for the fridge, and we would write notes to each other so that we would see them when we each got home from work. It was hard and we missed each other, but that helped us to not get irritable with each other.
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    Phone sex?

    Hahaha... Just kidding.

    I keep busy with school, teaching, yard work, reading, cross stiching, watching movies, shopping, knotting :).

    FI and I talk over Blackberry Messenger constantly! All day long we send each other cute jokes or say we love each other. It's nice to be in contact. We also call every night to say I love you. We also email each other links and all sorts of stuff.

    You'll get through it, and remember, we're here to help :)
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    Some great ideas on here - thanks girls! It will only make us stronger, I know...but It's still no fun to not have your guy around. I think he'll be missing me tons (and vice versa), so who knows - maybe Shoes' July engagement prediction will come true!

    I agree Shoes, planning a sexy weekend away around July 4th is already in progress!

    csousa - LOVE the white board idea. I think this would be great for us. He could leave me love notes at night and I can leave them for him in the morning!
  • lunarsongbirdlunarsongbird member
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    The whiteboard is cute! You could also do a journal! And even paste pictures in from your day! That we be an adorable momento to keep, don't ya think?

    And in regards to what to do for your time...Come show me Colorado, lady! I'll be there on the 14th or 15th I think. :)

    I wonder if he'll ever make you dinner before he goes to work. Does he cook?

    I used to LOVE swing shift (4 PM-2 AM) when I didn't have a life!
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  • jemmini6jemmini6 member
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    I know how you feel, FI will be starting a new schedule next week.  He'll be working M-Th 1PM - 11PM and I work M-F 8AM - 4PM.  This pretty much means that our interaction M-Th will be him kissing me when he gets home from work (I'll probably already be asleep) and me kissing him goodbye when I leave for work in the morning (he'll probably still be asleep).

    It'll be okay because he is planning to come have lunch with me most Fridays.  It will also give me time to get on a good workout schedule (he works 10AM - 7PM now, so I normally wait for him to get home to go to the gym, but I'm tired by then and don't work out as hard).  I guess I'll also be watching a lot of TV by myself or reading or something.  It still kind of sucks (especially since this is a permanent change), but we'll get used to it.
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    FI and I do something similar to the white board... We leave little notes hidden around the house for each other. After I visit him (or he visits me) I will find a cute note in my school notebooks. But, we leave them in the fridge, underwear drawer, on each others pillows, you name it. It's fun to find a note when you least expect it.
    ~~December 3, 2011~~
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