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Thats what i feel like.. i'm that tired.. Ok so as most of you know i work my weekend job and my hours go from 6am to 10pm both saturday and sunday.. so granted since i only have literally 8 hours between the time i get off to the time i have to be back here i try to go to bed ASAP... Well last night i had a little bit of drama go on so that i couldnt go to sleep... :(

Roomie 1 couldnt find money she had left on her bed plus her bedroom door was locked.. So she instantly thought it was Roomie 2 because they share a jack and jill bathroom... It had gotten to a point where she called the police. Now i normally try to be in bed by 11, at latest 12. Well the policeman was there until 12:45. He left because... 1. no one had broken in our apartment and 2. Roomie 1 found the her room...under clothes :(. shoot me in the face! Then to top it all off i couldnt fall asleep because of stupid neighbors until 1:45ish... i could cry i'm so tired... and i've only been here for 30 minutes... 15 more hours... i dont know whether i can make it!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh man Amber, you have got to move out and fast.  These problems don't seem to go away for you.  Frown
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    Aww Amber. This roommate situation is not working out so well for you, eh? It sounds like you have a lot going on, for sure. I hope you got some rest since this post!
    He pretty much had me at "hello".
    -- PS I agree with whatever Jeana said --
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