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    1) Ice cream - what do you always order?
    I love chocolate, so it's always going to have something to do with chocolate - could be cookie dough, chocolate chip, or triple chocolate fudge - don't care as long as it's chocolate

    2) All time best meal you ever ate?
    I still remember the last night meal on the cruise I was on when I was 14 and on a student tour group through Europe and the Greek Islands - it was a lobster tail - the one and only I've ever had - so yummy

    3) What is your BF/FI/DH's favorite meal that you make?  Does he make a meal you love?
    FI loves Cheesy Weenies (Hilshire Farms cocktail links with cheese in them, but he likes to call them Cheesy Weenies) - doesn't matter what I put them in, he loves them.  He likes the chicken nuggets I make, too and loves it when I buy a package of Salisbury Steaks

    4) Best restaurant deal or bargain that you've found
    I just like to watch for coupons wherever I can - there are a lot of great deals that come in the weekly ad section that I'll tell people about and they didn't even know about them 'cause they automatically throw all that stuff away as junk mail.

    5) What's your comfort food?
    Mac and Cheese and mashed potatoes
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