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Junior Bridesmaids as Flower Girls?!

I am getting married this upcoming September and are having my two younger (and only) female cousins as my flower girls. Here's the thing my cousins are both 9 years old and I am the first one in our family to be getting married so of course they have to be apart of the wedding, is it wierd to have girls that old being flower girls?

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Re: Junior Bridesmaids as Flower Girls?!

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    I think 9 is fine.
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    My FG is 10 but will be wearing a Jr. Bridesmaid dress.
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    I think that will be fine.  Maybe they won't really want a white dress or that traditional FG dress will look good at their age in which I would suggest to put them in a Jr BM dress but their title can still be FG.
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    They are wearing green jr bridesmaid dresses and are thrilled about that. I'm just making sure it wasn't ridiculous to have them throwing flowers, usually you see younger girls as flower girls. Thank you all by the way!! :)
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    My 2 flower girls (our nieces) will be 8 & 9 at the time of the wedding.  They are thrilled to have a part in our wedding.  They are wearing cute little party dresses we found at Sears.   The traditional flower girl dresses at bridal stores only go up to about a size 6 or 7

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    9 is a good age. I was 13 when my dad married my step-mom and I was the Jr. Bridesmaids plus the flower girl because I was the only girl at the time that they knew. As long as they aren't fully grown adults, I don't think anyone will say anything. And if so, it's your day! Enjoy it!
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