Not Engaged Yet

BSC = Toally Normal

...because we're engaged!!

It happened last night. We went to dinner and then to a place called Trax Farms. It's a store that sells all homeade baked goods, jams, wine, and fresh produce.. that sort of thing. They also have a country store. I ended up buying a little sign that says "Always kiss me goodnight."   Later we watched the sunset at the same place that we had our very fist date when we were 18 years old. He kissed me and said "I promise to always kiss you goodnight... for the rest of my life." He opened the box and said "Will you marry me?"     
... and of course I said yes and cried my eyes out (Which I told myself I wouldn't do)

I knew it was coming. But, I didn't expect it to be this soon! :-)

I did take a few photos on my phone.

That is all.
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