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Baby Update

For those of you who wanted to be updated on my friend's baby.

His oxygen requirements have been reduced from 100 percent down to 60 percent and he has started to take some breaths on his own. He opened his eyes for my friend and her husband, which he hadn't done for the nurses. All of this sounds really positive. However, she also said that he is having seizures and that they are trying to keep his body temperature low to reduce any swelling that he may have. Once that is more under control that will be doing a MRI to see if he has any brain damage.

Please keep sending those good vibes and prayers!

Thanks again!

Re: Baby Update

  • Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    Ok, sending more good vibes.  It sucks when babies are sick. :-(

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  • calindicalindi member
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    I'm really sorry to hear such a little baby is having such problems.  I'll keep them in my thoughts - good vibes for your friend an her little boy!



  • AudgiePodgeAudgiePodge member
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    I hope he gets better soon.
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  • Blue & WhiteBlue & White member
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    I'll keep them in my prayers as well.
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    good vibes and prayers for the little on sounds like he is off to a rough start, hope it all turns around for the new little family soon.
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