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25 days to plan a ceremony....HELP!

Oh man ... I dont know what I have gotten myself into !
FI and I are getting married in Mexico in Oct...wait let me re-phase that...FI are having a ceremony HERE for family and friends AUG 20....THEN getting married in Mexico in Oct.
I know I know....I wont go into details....this is just the way it is.

So anyways... I need to somehow decorate a medium/large church without spending a lot of money. Flowers are out...florists here are quoting me around $1000-1500 for flowers for the pews and the arrangements for the alter.

My GF has suggested cutting branches, painting them black and hanging crystals from them and placing them in over sized vases at the alter. Then doing the same for the pews but tieing them with ribbon insead of vases.

Im open to ANY suggestions... DIY, store bought, as long as they are budget savy ! There is no real color theme or anything...go crazy ladies !! Obviously the screen and the instuments will be away
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