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speaking of weight loss

My stubborn spot is my upper arms/armpit area. No matter what I do, my arms and fatty pits (upper boob area) won't shrink! I hate it because I feel like a man! I'm even considering a bolero on my wedding day to hide it.  What can I do to work on this area?

What are your most touble-some areas?

Re: speaking of weight loss

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    hips, butt, upper arms.

    and I loved my bolero.  I have better pics of it if you'd like to see, and the lady that made it has been featured on Martha Stewart weddings and Style Me Pretty.  :)
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    Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    Upper thighs.  They just. won't. shrink.
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    elanniselannis member
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    Unfortunately, you can't really concentrate and make certain areas lose weight fat than others. Your body is like an ice berg, the skinniest places melt away faster than the thicker areas. The best way to go is to combine healthy diet with cardio and strength training (pushups, pull ups, weights) to get rid of the fatty area and tone it up. Even people who run all the time can have flabby bodies in certain areas if they don't eat a balanced diet and get in strength training.

    I also hate that area on my body. It's slowly starting to shrink away, but it's a long process. I would also love to tone my belly. My legs are getting to where I can finally wear shorts comfortably, but I hate the part of my underarms that squish up out of my bra and show up when I wear tank tops.

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    MissTheFrog84MissTheFrog84 member
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    My mid section....I'm working on it but it just seems like I lose weight everywhere else but there.  
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    [QUOTE]hips, butt, upper arms. and I loved my bolero.  I have better pics of it if you'd like to see, and the lady that made it has been featured on Martha Stewart weddings and Style Me Pretty.  :)
    Posted by CocoBellaF[/QUOTE]

    PM sent!
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    @Nursey - email sent!  let me know what you think :)
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    callalily13callalily13 member
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    After I stopped playing softball in HS, I balooned up with a combination of being in college and the stress of my fiance getting really sick. I now am working on getting back to a good weight for my body and have been going on 1.5 mile walks with fiance  about 4-5x a week, which has helped me lose weight (so far 15 lbs). My weddiing is quite a ways away so losing slowly is good for me because I have had issues with eating disorder in the past and a turtle pace has helped me keep those thoughts at bay.

    Find something that takes it one step at a time because unless you're willing to do plastic surgery there is no quick cure.
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    PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    But I've lost just under 50 lbs since last Sept :)

    But still...everywhere =P

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